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Infamous is a coming of age superhero story that takes comic book mastermind Stan Lee's famous Spider-Man line "with great power there must also come great responsibility" to heart. Like many of Lee's heroes, developer Sucker Punch has created a naturalistic character in Cole McGrath. He's a likeable young slacker, burdened with the weight of the world on his shoulders. You may not blink an eye at Cole if you saw him walking down the street, but there's enough electricity flowing through his veins to power a city. He has the power to save and the power to kill. Lee dictated how his characters would use their powers. Sucker Punch is leaving this decision up to the player; the power of choice turns Infamous into an ethically charged thriller that asks, "at what length will you go to obtain power?"

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Dipso3336d ago

Very tasteful user name...

IrishRepublicanArmy3336d ago

do u have a problem because i dont.

Dipso3336d ago

Well I personally don't have a problem but I can see why some other folks in here might take offense. I just don't understand why you'd bring a reference to a paramilitary "Terrorist"/"Fr eedom fighter" organization into a gaming website. But sure if nobody else is complaining I guess I'll just STFU.

LightofDarkness3336d ago

Or perhaps it is named after the heroic few who won my country's independence between 1919-1921? Granted, the AK in the user-pic denotes one of the recent organizations who have used the name, but the old IRA are revered national heroes here.

crillyconlig3336d ago

since youve been posting ive been giving you negative feed back, your supporting murderers

Dipso3336d ago

Yeah I think the AK kind of does away with that theory. By the way I'm Irish.

UnwanteDreamz3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Off Topic: You guys have the right to disagree with IRA's choice of name and avatar but next time why don't you PM him. You could also chose to not give names and symbols power over you by ignoring them.

On Topic: Great review, great game I just wish some other reviewers had been a little more forgiving for what is truly a fun game to play.

Karum3336d ago

Why anyone would want to support an organisation of murderers is beyond me.

I'm born and raised in Northern Ireland and wonder why some people can't just move on like the rest of the world has. Sensationalising a group of murderers and terrorists is wrong no matter how you slice it up and your name and avatar does exactly that.

pain777pas3335d ago

I am really addicted to this game and still in the first part of the city. This game is really fun. I love it and there is alot more story than I thought.

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Whitefeather3336d ago

Stan Lee = Lucky
Bob Kane = Master mind

JoySticksFTW3336d ago

I didn't disagree, but the man made is own luck. You can't have a hand in creating as many greats as Stan has and just be lucky. The man's a Legend. He deserves his due.

And while I agree that Bob Kane is also a legend, Bill Finger was responsible for taking Batman out of the lame red-tights suit Bob had him in and place him in the Gray & Black suit that we revere today.

Bill also added the detective slant to Batman and wrote the best stories according to Kane himself

Yokan3336d ago

these guys are my faovorite reviewers

Socomer 19793336d ago

In your Faces! Uh Uh Uh !
(Does the cabbage patch)

xxBATTLECATxx3336d ago

im still uncertain wether i should start off good or bad

iHEARTboobs3336d ago

It's a tough choice. I'm starting off good and on my next playthrough i'll be tearing the city up.

butterfinger3336d ago

as good the first time, then beat the game as evil on the hard setting for the gold trophy the second time. I have to say that being evil seemed to be more fun and a bit easier (not having to worry about not killing people all the time and being able to drain their life). I'm almost done beating the game for a third time (good again), and may just play it one more time as evil. :)

locos853336d ago

I started as evil. Why play good when in most games your are the good guy. i will be good on my second play through.

redsquad3336d ago

I'm gonna be quite emphatically GOOD.
It's just not in my nature to be nasty to decent people, even digital ones
I suppose I'll play as a complete git at some point to experience the full game, but I'm sure I won't enjoy it as much.

butterfinger3336d ago

I played as good the first time, because I wanted to save the best for last. Why have the most fun on your first playthrough, so that your second play through feels like a chore? :)

Figboy3336d ago

now i'm playing it the second time Bad/Hard.

it's much easier to play the game on hard when you aren't worried about collateral damage.

brilliant game. it's been a while since i've been that addicted to a game. i think the last time was Uncharted (i just couldn't stop staring at it). granted, MGS4 is another one that i find fantastically addicting.

since i'm taking a break from inFAMOUS for a bit (i don't want to burn myself out on it - i just spent the last week collecting all dead drops, 100% each island, and collecting all 350 blast shards), i may pop in MGS4 and watch it like a movie, taking in each cutscene and really digesting the story. there's a lot to that game.

anyway, i can't wait for inFAMOUS, as the ending for this one was great (even though i'm disappointed i had put together the ending thanks to some not so tactful reviews).

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