Japanese Charts: Mass Effect Debuts At Number Three

Two new DS games have topped Media Create's weekly Japanese sales charts for the week ended May 24: one a puzzler and the other a baseball title.

Sloan to Michael: Nazo No Monogatari from Professor Layton developer Level 5 debuted at number one, selling 44,000 units. Sega's cutesy baseball game Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou 2 captured the second slot with 39,000 sold in its debut week.

But it's the Microsoft-published BioWare RPG Mass Effect for Xbox 360 that sticks out on a chart made up of more traditional Japanese fare.

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IrishRepublicanArmy3102d ago

for 2 year old xbox port of a good game!!

Bnet3433102d ago

It just came out in Japan.

SRU96003102d ago

I bet if Commander Shepard had huge green anime eyes and looked like a 12 year old boy, this game would be selling like Japanese hotcakes. lol

TheBand1t3102d ago

It'd sell more if you couldn't tell what the gender is.

(Here's looking at you 90 percent of JRPGs...)

solidt123101d ago

It's good to see Japanese gamers appreciate a Western RPG like this.

Saigon3101d ago

those are horrible sales for an opening week in

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-MoOkS-3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

The ps3 just isnt delivering RPG's this gen, it seems to be foccused on fps's.

That forces japanese RPG lovers to buy 360's to provide their dose of RPG action, hence the huge debut of Mass Effect

Counter_ACT3102d ago

18k and at 3rd place? Slow week.

GiantEnemyCrab3102d ago

haha mooks and Kigmal beating back the trolls. They are trying extra hard to take their stealth jabs in the Gamer Zone and you guys keep shutting them down.. Funny stuff.

Not bad at all for a WRPG in the Japanese market. I wonder where it will be in a week, I don't think it will have long legs. Gears 2 is also launching or has just launched in Japan. I wonder how that is/will be received?

Danja3102d ago

Gears 2 should do well also considering the 360 install base over there im expecting 25-45k debut week.

Does anyone know how much the original Gears sold in Japan ?

TheBand1t3102d ago

I don't expect Gears to do all that well actually. Quite a few a games in Japan have excess gore removed, and that's part of what makes Gears...well, Gears.

Bathyj3102d ago

Not to shabby at all. Well done.

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