New Greatest Hits PS3 Announced for June 16

SCEA has just announced the next six games to get the Greatest Hits treatment.

Army of Two
Battlefield: Bad Company
Devil May Cry 4
Gran Turismo(R) 5 Prologue
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Ratchet & Clank(R) Future: Tools of Destruction

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Chris3993281d ago

That game sold over a million by now.

And it's spectacular.

locos853281d ago

Exactly..... HS and Uncharted.

Pennywise3281d ago

Where is HS2!!!! I demand it!

solideagle13281d ago

but its price will be reduced world wide?? or is it for some limited time?? i mean if i purchase PS3 next year or this year will i buy games like 10$??


Torch3281d ago

"Where's my Heavenly Sword?"

Not only that, but in my experience, it seems to be the only game that never goes on sale and consistently maintains a $60 price tag; I've been waiting to get this game on the cheap for the longest time.

One exception I recall was a post-Christmas sale Wal-Mart had two years ago, where they lowered the price to $40. But when I got there, the clerk told me that all their copies flew right out the door.

Conan9973281d ago

greatest hit games are 29.99 in the US

that's their normal price and they'll stay that way
I see the red box of resistance for 29.99 pretty often

RememberThe3573281d ago

I'm pretty sure thats obvious.

But this is a great addition to the greatest hits collection. I think I'll pick up GT5 Prologue.

pain777pas3281d ago

Uncharted and Heavenly sword need to come down in price now. Used both are at least $50. Ratchet is there though which is really cool.

Blaze9293281d ago

Yeah I think most of us are wondering just whats up with Uncharted and Heavenly Sword. I could care less about Heavenly Sword but I been trying to get Uncharted for like ever and I'm like I'm sure it sold enough by now....or has it not? Game is still full price, its crazy. Refuse to pay such for such a old game, thats just me.

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remanutd553281d ago

where are Heavenly Sword , Uncharted Drakes Fortune and Folklore ?????

Rifle-Man3281d ago

They're probably expecting Drake's Fortune to sell well in the months before Among Thieves comes out.

Flipgeneral3281d ago

Was really looking forward to those 2 games being on the list

Finalfantasykid3281d ago

Folklore has only sold something like 0.2 million or so. Doesn't a greatest hits game usually have to have over 1 million sold + be out for a certain amount of time(1 year?)

Aclay3281d ago

Finally.... I've been waiting for Tools of Destruction to go down in price before I decided to pick it up, and I will definantly go out and get it.

Already have GT5P and MGS4, but I might get Devil May Cry 4 at the discounted price... wasn't really a fan of the demo and I've never played any other DMC games, but I might give it a go, if not I'll just wait for NG2 Sigma to whet my appetite for an Action game.

bigrob1233281d ago

these the same as the platinums in the uk? HS and unchated bn platinum for a while now suprised it hasnt bn in the states

No FanS Land3281d ago

that's because of the unchared bundle.

AKNAA3281d ago

Yea, yeah! I can finally put Ratchet & Clank and devil may cry 4 in my collection.

oooooh... yeah, Heavenly sword 2 at E3 will simply put the, ummm.. whats after the icing? sprinkles on the cake?!

Pennywise3281d ago

I loved HS. I have no idea why people talk bad about it. It was a bit short, but I have faith in the sequel. The first was so cinematic and breath taking it would make no sense not to fund a sequel.

vudu3281d ago

Did I fall asleep somewhere? Last I read Heavenly Sword 2 was canceled. Shame if it's true.

locos853281d ago

I heard that too. I wish I knew which game they decided to fund istead of Heavenly Sword 2. I had a blast with the first game.

AKNAA3281d ago

Really?! damn, that would suck! It has sooooo much potential to being the next successful franchise like God of war, except just with an extremely dangerous hot chick to play as!

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