Interview: PS3 Exclusive Inferno Pool

We spoke with Rob Hewson from Dark Energy Digital this morning about their new (and exclusive) PS3 title, Inferno Pool, which is coming to the PSN Store later today. Rather than just talk to him and then keep everything to ourselves, we thought we'd put it up on the site, because then lots of other people can hear what he has to say. It's going to catch on, this.

TheSixthAxis: Hi Rob. So, first things first: the title "Inferno Pool" suggests this is not your average game of pool. Please tell us what it is that makes this different from a normal game of pool, and is it a re-invention for the sport of drunken kings?

Rob Hewson: Hi. Well, Inferno Pool is a complete re-invention of the classic game, though we do find that being drunk still enhances the experience. Our main objective was to make a kick ass, high intensity, 4 player online battle game, so that's at the core of the game. You've also got a single player time-attack Endurance mode, and we've thrown in classic Pool modes as well.

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