Top's Podcast Expansion Pack #28

Britxbox writes: "E3 is so close, you can almost smell the stale sweat from the LA Convention Centre.

To get you ready for next week's events, the Expansion Pack crew is here to bring you a dose of the following:

UFC 2009: Undisputed
The E3 big rumours
Kojima's next game
XBLA Retro Explosion?
Microsoft's Motion Cam?
PSP Go!?
PS3 Slim?
Tim Sweeny, founder of Epic games theorises that photo-realistic graphics can be reached in 10-15 years, but we do want them?
Midway's assets including Mortal Kombat could be sold to Warner Brothers Inc.

Not only that, but your chance to enter competitions to win not just one but two games! Both Virtual On and UFC 2009 are up for grabs this week, the UFC 2009 review is due on Friday but if you are curious you can check out Virtual On's review from our front page. The competiton questions are stated within the show. You can send your answers to Mark "Born2beSlicker" Lawson by either PM'ing me on the forums or emailing me at [email protected] with the subject line: UFC 2009 & Virtual On Competition.

You are allowed to try both competitions in the same message. Closing date is Tuesday 2nd June. The winners shall be announced on the next episode.

Speaking of which, due to the possible megatons that E3 can drop, there will be two seperate podcasts next week on different to usual days. Episode 29 (along with the competition winners) shall appear on Wednesday 3rd of June which is dedicated to Microsoft's E3 conference. Then on Friday 5th of June, Episode 30 will be up discussing: Sony, Nintendo and E3 2009 as a whole.

That's far too much work, but we do it because we love you. Share some love back by following us on Twitter!"

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