CVG: VidZone - exclusive footage

Here's a quick video showing off how Sony's upcoming music video service for PS3, VidZone, functions on the console.

It's pretty good - the opening screen pulls up a list of recommended tracks, the current chart toppers and a select few from a particular genre, which can be added to your playlist just by hitting X, as we do at the start of this video.

EDIT: someone reported this to embed the video, unfortunately as far as i know CVG doesn't have any code for that, so unless you know a way, i can't embed the video!

EDIT2: yeh sorry about the embed, and @Nineball2112 thx :)

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Fishy Fingers3221d ago

Vidzone is going to be a really nice addition to the PS3s feature set. Especially since Youtube (UK) banned music videos.

uie4rhig3221d ago

yes true, tho, it doesn't stop you from using proxies: .. a full youtube proxy with servers in the US so you will be able to watch the clips ;)

Cwalat3221d ago

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeery veeeery welcomed!! :D

Milky3221d ago

Yeah when I show my mates Vidzone I think they will look upon the PS3 a lot more admirably.

LiquifiedArt3221d ago

A nice additional feature. Welcomed ofcourse, but some of those core game-centric features would be much better. If they come together then smack my butt and call me sexy.

Mu5afir3221d ago

Hope they have some good playlist options.. also hopefully they include a good set of visuals with the player.