TotalPlaystation Review Infamous

Before we at TotalPlaystation really start digging into the meat of this review, we feel it's kind important to make a very important distinction about inFAMOUS that may well change what you expect, and thus how you enjoy Sucker Punch's latest little comic-fueled epic: this is not a sandbox game. It's open-world, yes, to an extent, and there are moments where you can sort of bend the rules a little to create your own outcome, but those expecting this to be Grand Theft Auto with superpowers will be sorely mistaken.

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Dipso3341d ago

Great review but...

"inFAMOUS is many things; a superhero epic, a decent into indulging one's dark side, a comic book fable and an electrically-charged shooter. Above all else, though, it's a next-gen platformer -- something the PS3 was lacking until now."

Eh..what about a little old game from Insomniac?