Fight Night Round 4 Demo arrives

A demo for EA's boxing title Fight Night Round 4 has arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace and is now available for download.

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Mindboggle3337d ago

This is why I wish I had a freaking 360..If this doesnt appear on PSN today im gunna be pissed off..

Frnicatr3337d ago

Yeah, it sucks. The Fight Night demo for PS3 comes out next week.
They announced this a while back.

Mindboggle3337d ago

Well after E3 im getting a 360 anyway, to avoid dissapointments like this...

ceedubya93337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

usually get its stuff on Thursday? I don't really remember, as I'm usually a day or two late on downloading demos for my consoles. But anyway, it should be available sometime today if so, depending on where you are.

peeps3337d ago

it should be on when the store gets updated later today.

played this a few weeks back cus of the pre order anyway. It's not bad but i decided to get UFC the other week. obv v different games but i decided to go for an all round fighter as a pose to boxing only + this game gets released a few days before i go away on holiday so may pick it up at a later point when i'm bored and its cheap

Halochampian3337d ago

What you think of UFC?

I got it the other day and have been having a blast with it. Very surprised how good the game is

peeps3337d ago

yeh its gd but it's pretty hard to get used to at first imo(i hate the ground game and thats where it usually ends up :p) but i think thats part of the fun. cus the more you play it, the better you get and theres a lot of depth to it. Fights can be nice and tense between two evenly matched ppl

3337d ago
Gamertags3337d ago

This demo is off the hook! Hitting live at 700+ megs. The graphics are incredible and the music is off the hook!

I loved Round 3 but Round 4 looks to be insane! If PSN gets the demo I will give my comparison.

D2ThaEasy3337d ago

LOL you are getting a 360 to avoid disappointment... do you see the irony in this, hopefully you wont be disappointed after your 360 RROD's.

ray69883337d ago

i dunno no what the big deal is at least yall got the Marvel vs capcom 2 demo first

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Milky3337d ago

noo its today for PSN aint it? 28th!

Mindboggle3337d ago

Ive heard otherwise...PSLifestyle said its June 4th. This apparently came from a EA press conference...

jjesso19933337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

yeah iam sure its coming today for psn had the demo for xbox for a while now all need to do is download the demo's and put them on dvd's

Mr Face Creamer3337d ago

Only for Gold Suscribers... What's the point really? Just losing customers IMO.

Fishy Fingers3337d ago

Losing customers? Quite the opposite, trying to get silver subscribers to upgrade to gold. It's an effort to gain customers, not lose them.

II Necroplasm II3337d ago

Mr Face Creamer just got face creamed by Fishy Fingers.

Fishy Fingers3337d ago

Ha, not really, just trying to explains MS thought process behind the idea. You cant really lose a customer when they're not actually playing for anything in the first place (silver being free).

Still I imagine the disagrees are for being straight up rather than writing something like "Yeah M$ is the devi1 zomg!"

3337d ago
II Necroplasm II3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

lol yeah I know, I just wanted to say that.

peeps3337d ago

most games have demo's the same week for both live gold and psn tbh. this is just one of those exceptions

PS360PCROCKS3337d ago

yeah dammit. I want the demo, oh well I'll find it online and put it on a DVD.

Mr Face Creamer3337d ago

I was only saying that ever since I became a silver member, I've noticed I've been missing out on loads of demos, betas and themes...

At first I thought my Gold suscription wasn't really that important. But after NOT playing online for 6 months I have to say I miss playing Halo 3 or some Battlefield: Bad Company .

Rob0g0rilla3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I played it 2 weeks early doing this. Same with Resident Evil 5.

The load times can be somewhat longer, but hey, it's better then waiting next week. Or you can create a new account and you'll have a free 1 month of XBL.

Gamingisfornerds3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Actually, they're potentially losing customers that might be triggered in buying the games after playing the demo. That's what demo's are ultimately for (no, they're not to offer us gamers some free goodies's all business/marketing/publicity). I guess it would depend on Silver members being willing to upgrade for the sake of demo's, which I think only a small percentage is.

Obviously, Silver members still get to play the demo a bit later, but at that point it's pretty much out of the spotlight and risks being overlooked...thus attracking less potential buyers.

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Halochampian3337d ago

Anybody want to tell me how it is when they play it? I'm at work now so i wont be able to touch it for about another 9 hours.

II Necroplasm II3337d ago

Yeah I had a match with it. It's pretty awesome. It's way more fluid than round 3.

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