OXM : Terminator Salvation review

Mike Channell from OXM writes:

"Normally we arrive at the office for a day's gaming with a swing in our step and a song in our hearts, but when it comes to the prospect of playing Terminator Salvation the swing is a dislocated knee, self-inflicted in an attempt to skive off work, and the song is a funeral march.

Salvation is essentially Wanted: Weapons of Fate minus the curving bullets, but with Bionic Commando's wrecked city as a setting. You play as John Connor, leader of the resistance, as he trudges from one identical firefight to the next with nothing but a handful of hapless AI stooges and his own self-loathing for company."

Will to live, terminated

* 1,000 Gamerpoints in a day

* It's Wanted, but worse
* Hugely repetitive firefights
* Low-rent cutscenes
* Artificial idiocy

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