VANTAGE: inFamous Review

VANTAGE: "inFamous… A game praised by many gaming sites, Sony stating how they have high hopes for the game, even an early release signifying that it has already been tuned to Sucker Punch's liking, but is it really worth its while? We at Vantage aren't hardcore gamers or in-depth reviewers, but we do like our games and we do know what is good and what sucks. So we hope we're able to voice what all those regular Joes out there like us are thinking and what they want to know."

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voice_of_ reason3404d ago

For a site not claiming to be, "hardcore gamers or in-depth reviewers" it's actually a better done review than most 'hardcore' gaming sites that give 'in-depth' reviews.

CoxMulder3404d ago

Ironic, yet not surprising at all...