Combat Arms Co-Op Mode Goes Live Plus New Screens

The new Fireteam mode for Nexon's online shooter Combat Arms has now gone live. The publisher has also released a batch of new screens.

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Leord3400d ago

So, basically CS then :)

Dorjan3400d ago

only if they can buy weapons!

Leord3400d ago

Yes, interesting.

If they DO add weapon purchases, then it's a CS copy, but if they don't it's kind of outdated. OR, some sort of similar weapon distribution model of course. Could be just that you can pic so and so many weapons...

Point is, with or without it, they run the risk of looking like they just copy CS...

AndyA3400d ago

Don't remember CS having a co-op mode.

Maticus3400d ago

I know what I'll be doing later!

Cogo3400d ago

I wonder what they actually can bring to the genre besides updated graphics...

Leord3400d ago

CS is very good indeed, and I mean even CS2 isn't much more popular than SC1.

It has all about the feel of the game, and the dimension CS has, that players know it's a "game" made by players for players.

That is something which is hard to let go of...

Fyzzu3400d ago

Sounds fun. Should bolster the game's lifespan a bit, too. It's good they keep patching this up and adding new things.

Cogo3400d ago

Obviously, yes. The question is whether it's great they DO patch it, or if it's just terrible other game developer DON'T patch their games enough.

Hate to bring up Blizzard, but that's obviously the model example of great game design and great support.