Negative Gamer Retro Review: Golden Axe

Will from NG writes;

"Golden Axe is one of those games that seemed amazing when you first played it back in the early 90s. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold up when you return to it in 2009. As a part of the hack and slash genre, the enemies are key in creating a successful game. With Golden Axe though, they are severely flawed and detrimentally affect the gaming experience for the majority of the game. The main characters are severely underpowered, both in physical and magical attacks, whilst enemies (especially bosses) can rapidly deplete your entire health bar. There are also issues with environmental boundaries and as the game gets nearer the end it becomes much easier to simply fall to your death."

Final Score; -8 (minus 8)

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gavner3337d ago

After sonic this was probably my most played Mega Drive game, hands down.

good review.