Strategy Informer: FUEL Review

Fuel is a game that Strategy Informer desperately wanted to like, but the lack of connection that you feel between your vehicle and the environment leaves the experience feeling a tad stale. There should have been spectacular impacts, mud spraying from your wheels, tracks carved into the dirt and more importantly, there should have been genuinely interesting, exciting features to uncover within the vast, sprawling game world.

It's all well and good that Asobo has managed to create such an immense area to play with, but it seems that the developer forgot to fill it with anything truly worthwhile. Although they found the game to be fun for the first hour or so, it proved difficult to find the incentive to enjoy repeated play once they had driven around the world for hours on end. It sounds great on paper, but when there's so little fuel to ignite our fire, you have to wonder if it's worth bothering with Fuel at all.

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Jamegohanssj53371d ago

ROFLMAO! So much for being a Motorstorm killer. I wish I could kill the idiots who said that.


Why o why3371d ago

theres time for all games AS LONG as they're any good. Let those guys demand killers..I just want games to play (good ones anyway)

cRaZyLeGs 933371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I was thinking of getting this, not now. I think everyone was waiting for the reviews. Maybe some other reviews can change my mind, i doubt it.

raztad3371d ago

"lack of connection that you feel between your vehicle and the environment leaves the experience feeling a tad stale"

So that is how they achieved the "Biggest open world map". That is lame, a big but DEAD environment sounds NOT fun at all. Codemaster could run into troubles, they got two BIG flops on their hands Damnation and FUEL. It's a shame.

JeanPool3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )


The only people who claimed it were like minded imbeciles like you, albeit deranged in the opposite camp.

edgeofblade3371d ago

Ouch. With one foul swipe, the game has dropped from a "Must Buy Day One" to a second string Gamefly.

Sarcasm3371d ago

Maybe if they utilized blu-ray, they could have had different environments with THINGS IN IT mile after mile.

"But but but DVD is sufficient for the biggest open world game EVARRRR!!!"

lol yeah I said it.

maxbyte3370d ago

I still play the original Motorstorm. Wanted to buy Motorstorm PR but did not see much point in that as the"jump" was not significant from Motorstorm. I followed FUEL news closely, and as in-game videos started popping up, largest open world or not, I decided to pass on it.
Same reason - Motorstorm still kicks ass. The fact that on a muddy terrain each lap is different because of the way someone else drove through the mud before me and my vehicle reacts differently still manages to amaze me.

Dead_Cell3370d ago

Is surprisingly bigger than you think.
four zones split up into different types of track all with multiple routes and different strategies based on what vehicle your in and what you're up against.
If you liked the first Motorstorm I would DEFINITELY recommend Pacific Rift.

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hatchimatchi3371d ago

yea that's a pretty harsh review.

People were calling this a motorstorm killer?

I have the first motorstorm and while i don't think it's the best racer ever, it is extremely good and does make you feel a part of the action.

Bordel_19003371d ago

Damn, I was hoping this would turn out good. Guess I'll have to keep on playing Motorstorm PR till DiRT2 shows up.

zaz123371d ago

motorstorm killer??????????????!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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