No PS3 price Drop, PSP Go!/PS3 Controls Slyly Confirmed?

SKOAR! "There was also heavy rambling regarding a motion sensing controller on the lines of the Wii-mote being unveiled by Sony at this year's E3 according to variety who reported the story the controller would use LED's and a small webcam to push accurate motion sensing movements.Jake Osuwah's(P.R. Sony) tweeting page just updates with this following status which almost confirms the portable console and motion controls.

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DeforMAKulizer3215d ago

Interesting... I like how Sony denies stuff that are actually true...
Like a month ago when they said no new PSP, and when leaked images of PSP 3000 emerged they denied that as well...
I have a deeper feeling that PS3 Slim is quite true =D

sinncross3215d ago

Can you blame them?

If they confirm the new PSP/ Slim PS3 to be true, which they themselves are only going to unveil a month later, they could potentially lose a lot of PSP and PS3 sales until then.

There is a reason why companies only unveil information at certain times/ events, and why they will deny leaked information (if the information is true to begin with): they could suffer financially from the leak.

DeforMAKulizer3215d ago

Ya i know, and if it turns out to be false then it would be a major kick in the behind... But people believe the rumors no matter what...
The moment you say rumor people ignite with excitement...
Anyway, its a week away... =D
I must say that E3 this year will be a huge bang!
Can't wait to see what every attendee has in store..

Rock Bottom3214d ago

Since when "No comments" = Confirmed?


Nice3215d ago

whose gonna be crying at the end of this E3, all three seem to be very well stocked up for a bang...

Mindboggle3214d ago

My guess is Nintendo....Noone really gives a dam about them anymore. Unless they announce some more well none franchises, like Zelda, Mario, DK etc etc

xabmol3214d ago

I want some new IPs. Mario, Metroid and Zelda quality, but new titles for crying out loud!

ReBurn3214d ago

Hehe, nobody cares about Nintendo, eh? That's why they consistently outsell absolutely everyone every month I bet.

100003214d ago

Nintendo, but they are doing a rather funny thing revealing hardcore titles when their base is essentially casual...

Jockamo3214d ago

is casual. not hardcore.

D4RkNIKON3214d ago

Yeah Nintendo has a weird place in the market right now. They seem to think that something as simple as another Mario or Zelda will win over all of the fans they lost ground with. The thing that bothers me most about the Wii is the lack of community and networking features. The friend code system was an epic failure. I enjoy gaming with friends online and with the Wii, it is just so much harder to do. Why even play mario kart online if you can't communicate with any one at all.

fat-american3214d ago

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-x.Red.x-3214d ago

looking at a mirror eh?

Mr_Bun3214d ago

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iDystopia3214d ago

lol Nasim talking to himself in the open zone. It's just pathetic.

TheBand1t3214d ago

That's not Nasim. That's that "you disgust me" dude.

TheBand1t3214d ago

Is it Fork? Username I remember was deadlyliquid

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testerg353214d ago

Aren't you the one claiming that the sites talking about the PSP Go! idiotic? That Sony would never do anything like getting rid of UMD??

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