Bioshock 2 Multiplayer, Does Anyone Care?

DarkZero writes "Today's game industry is a tough market. So much as a few bad scores can make years of development time a waste. Games almost always come packed with new features or promises of future downloadable content, and it's becoming hard to find a game without multiplayer. Now, in no way am I saying that a multiplayer component is at all a bad thing. But every now and then a game strolls along that gives off a strong singleplayer vibe, not only overshadowing the multiplayer content, but ultimately makes you wonder why they bothered to implement it in the first place. BioShock is one of those games."

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AKNAA3372d ago

Lol! naw, I kid, I kid... only about the F-you part.

Omegasyde3372d ago

I care, because the game doesn't need it.

Imagine how great F.E.A.R. 2 would of been without the developers having to divide time and resources to create a crappy multilayer expirience.

I really don't know how plasmids will work in multiplayer, and I also believe that Team Capture the little sister will be corny.

The developers should of added online co-op instead.

King_many_layers3371d ago

I agree with you Omegasyde, BUT only agree if it means that they're splitting their team for this component.
If however they are keeping all those who made BS singleplayer all exclusively on the singleplayer for 2 and employing people for multiplayer then that would be brilliant.

Same thing as Uncharted 2, nobody wants singleplayer gimped, so they employed people specifically.

drdistracto7073371d ago

"Digital Extremes is going to take the reins in the development of multiplayer"

quote from the article

Omegasyde3371d ago

Yes but what if the team is near the deadline or that development money can only be spread around so much.

Thats my theory why Resistance 2 story was crap, and the co-op was half baked.

drdistracto7073371d ago

I completely agree, I dont think multiplayer should even be considered, but I just wanted to make it known that 2K wasnt leading the multiplayer development

Mindboggle3371d ago

I dont care. I also dont care about Uncharted 2 multiplayer. They both had brilliant single player modes, and they have both just added multiplayer to rake in more sales.

Baka-akaB3371d ago

I really dont care for a bioshock multiplayer , thought it could ultimately be awesome .

All i know is eventually all game even solo and story driven are or will be forced to propose some multiplayer , even the most minimalist ones , to secure their sales and fight of the most obvious forms of piracy .

And that includes jrpgs , eventually all of them will do what demon souls or White knight chronicles did .

Plenty games are ignored or resold as used quickly because they lack this little "spark" that would keep peopel on it , once they are done with the story .

Trophies are one , but multiplayer is stronger especially if coupled with trophies.

PrimordialSoupBase3371d ago

Almost as silly as Uncharted's multiplayer.

edgeofblade3371d ago

I care only in as much as they can make a compelling online game. Criticism of a lack of multiplayer doesn't mean ANY multiplayer will increase your scores. It has to make me pine for it when I'm not playing it, and I can't see that coming out of a dev so solely focused on the single player.

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3372d ago
lawrence360x3371d ago

I am getting sick and tired of people like you talking crap about a game that has yet to be released . Who the hell are you to tell 2K not to make a multiplayer component just because you dont want one . Do you even know who is in charge of make Bioshock 2 , If you did you would not jump the gun and trash it . Why dont you put a little more thought into you articles before you post then. I personally welcome the multiplayer component and have all the faith in the world in 2K . They made one the best games of all time and IMO was beat by only one game Fallout 3, so when you ask them not to make it you are only speaking for yourself and not all of the people that are looking forward to the game and everything it comes with . So please when you write an article , make sure you mention that this is only an opinion of yours

King_many_layers3371d ago

I agree that people really should stop with the mocking games before their out bull'

also, did you not find Fallout to get really monotonous after playing through a second time ??

Using the same voice actors throughout with the really boring stand and occasionaly flailing arms made it become a little stale for me in my second playthrough.
Loved the SuperMutants though.

Omegasyde3371d ago


You sound pist.

I disagree because some games in the past have actually had the single player expirience suffer with the addition of multiplayer modes.How do we know that the Bio shock 2 single player campaign won't be shortened?

I don't like this new standard in shooters which only take ~4-5 hours to beat the game on normal difficulty, i.e. Cod4, Halo 3, Resistance 2, Fear 2, etc.

I hope the same doesn't go for uncharted 2.

drdistracto7073371d ago

Bioshock has nothing to benefit with multiplayer

the article doesnt bash Bioshock 2 at all either, in fact here is a nice little quote to directly contradict what youve just said...

"It goes without saying that BioShock was an absolute hit, and BioShock 2 is looking to be the next 2K juggernaut."

Please read in detail next time around

Fullish3371d ago

"Bioshock has nothing to benefit with multiplayer "
How can you make that call? Have you played the multiplayer behind our back and not told us?
Just because the atmosphere is unique doesn't mean it shouldn't have multiplayer.

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GamerPS3603371d ago

Multiplayer is killing game's quality more than making :(

crillyconlig3371d ago

similar was said about multiplayer for uncharted2, but thats shapeing to be excelent, but i agree some games dont actually need it.

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