Wolfenstein Gets a Launch Date

Today, Activision released a press release that told of the games that Activision will be showing off during E3 2009, while quickly adding the date that Wolfenstein will be coming out.

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SpitFireAce853367d ago

This is a going to be a great game love the Wolfenstein series
cant wait for Aug 4th release day.

gaminoz3366d ago

It certainly has potential...I hope it's great!

krazy14kraz3367d ago

This game is going to rock. The weapons in this game look sick, to say the least.

REPLOID243367d ago

for a while now. I want to see some video now, yo.

Excalibur3367d ago

I have always been a fan of the series.

thebudgetgamer3366d ago

im thinking about picking it up. you guys remember if it was good?

LightofDarkness3366d ago

This game has pretty awful graphics based on the screens (Doom 3 engine never looked so bad!), we'll see how the gameplay turns out.