PlayStation 3 Hits Stride, Xbox 360 Standing Still

{Ben Dutka} writes:
Yes, I know. I work for PSX Extreme so "of course" I'd say this. I'm not even going to dignify that with an explanation, but let's just say that anyone who knows me realizes that after a quarter-century of gaming, I have little to no "brand loyalty." And by the way, I would've reversed this same title in favor of the 360 back in 2007 because it was just that obvious...just like this situation is equally obvious.

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ultimolu3339d ago

I lol'd at the picture. I miss Austin Powers...xD

But excellent article. Sony's coming armed with a crapload of's like Rambo gearing up for war.

May I reiterate that my purse will be dead by the end of this year. o_o

Ninver3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

LOL i second you on that pic. Anyway sony is pleasing ps3 gamers with alot of AAA exclusives. They have truly hit their stride and i can honestly say things are only gonna get better from here on out.

The onslaught of exclusives are simply "purse boggling" lol. Sony has fulfilled alot of promises and as a long time sony supporter i know many great things will come from the main source of my entertainment besides sex and music lol.

Don't hate, appreciate.

solideagle13339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

off topic: i went to metacritic and behold it had added 7/10 and TeletextGC 6/10 what the hell is going on?? is metacritic blind or what they add whoever gives low rating or non credible source to PS3 exclusives.

On topic: yeah Sony is on a roll now so many games cant imagine buying all. so many first party exclusives......jack tretton was right that PS3 is all about exclusives.


P.S yes metacritic is not credible source now...they even add blogs wtf...i think is much better because it adds only credible sources.


PotNoodle3339d ago

solideagle1, the reviews that are listed are from a list of sites that they already have before the reviews even come out. The list of sites are all the time everytime and if any of those sites on the list then their review gets added.

slave2Dcontroller3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

been doing that for awhile now. IMO Its not evena credible site anymore and I dunno why people continue to bother with it.

Halo3 MLG Pro3339d ago

PS3blogger gave Killzone 2 a perfect 10. Did you complain than?

Seriously stop putting so much attention to metacritic. Just grow up and enjoy your games. You guys complain to much.

3339d ago
RememberThe3573339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

And it's mostly on the people who are stating facts and not opinions. To be honest, it seems to me the the 360 fanboys are getting scared. Their not sure about what MS is doing so they're going trigger happy on the disagree button.

I don't really get it. I'm not worried. With Mass Effect 2, Conviction, and Alan Wake on the way, as well as guaranteed huge announcements at E3, this nee-jerk defensiveness seems rather unwarranted.

How about being comfortable that you made a good decision when you decided on buying a 360, I know I am.

@below: Wow... In case you didn't know, not everyone likes playing on the PC. Some people like to sit on their couch after a long day, watch some SportsCenter, and pop in a videogame. Not everyone has a PC that can run games to look like they do on the 360. So no, the "Better version with higher quality graphics" is not going to come to "everyones PC". I don't want to upgrade my video card so I'll be picking up all of those games for the 360. If you want those games for the PC, more power to you. But the sales will reflect what I'm saying, sales will be much higher on the 360 then the PC for all of those titles.

@Traveler and All Time Greatness: Thanks for catching me on that. I was referring to Feline and I combined a number of other threads in my head where people who were saying things as they are and were still getting disagrees by the boat load.

I am noticing a trend, in that as the PS3 has gained some steam and E3 has drawn closer the disagree bottom has caught fire. I don't think it's needed for people to be so damn defensive when all of the systems are doing great.

3339d ago
Dragun6193339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I must say, Sony is on a roll with PS3 software. Securing Ghostbusters as Timed Exclusive in Europe, picking up more Third party support and Developing more First party titles.

PS3 line up has really picked up.
Rpgs - Trinity Universe, Atelier Rorona, Trinity: Zill O'll Zero, Last Rebellion, Cross Edge, White Knight Chronicles, Demon Souls, Final Fantasy Versus 13, Tales of Vesperia port

FPS/TPS - M.A.G., Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Quantum Theory

Racing - Gran Turismo 5

Action/ Adventure - Trico, Ratchet and Clank A Crack In Time, God of War 3, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Yakuza 3, Infamous, Heavy Rain

MMO - Grandia Online, Angel Senki,The Agency, DC Universe Online, Free Realms

Other - Katamari Damacy Tribute,Afrika, Data-Fly, MLB'09: The Show

PSN - Fat Princess, Shatter, Qruton, Critter Crunch, Trine, Trash Panic, Zen Pinball,Flower, PixleJunk Shooter, Etc

Not to mention PSP is coming out with a flood of new games.
Can't Wait for E3! Go Sony! Though I really hope Ms and Nintendo have a great E3 show. Listening for Magna Carta 2 and Rare's new game and whatever Nintendo has to offer for the hardcore gamers other than Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

Traveler3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Please show me who is stating facts that are getting disagrees.

I love my PS3, but articles like these seem highly premature when E3 is right around the corner. We have more than half the year left, so I think it only makes sense to wait until after E3 if we want to have any kind of sensible debate about which console we think is going to have the better lineup for the year.

I remember the same thing happened last year in which everybody was saying how much better the PS3 lineup was, but by the end of the year it was more than apparent that the 360 had its own very strong lineup. And the 360 ended up ending the year very strong.

All Time Greatness3339d ago

They aren't stating facts, just like this ridiculous article's headline.

SL1M DADDY3339d ago

So what's worse, those that complain, or those like you that complain about those complaining? Just asking...

NIGHT_HAWK32103338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

there is another article up right now that says xbox has had record sales this year. what is the point of this stupidity? who cares? only the self righteous fanboys care about this crap.

ps3 kids are all over this sight (just look at the hottest games), and its really rediculous that people have to live and die for a system. this is a great time for video games all around. idiot fanboys dont realize that.

aueslander3338d ago he says things about sales and blah blah blah then goes on to state that great games drive system sales which s true but, is sony's case, great games are pushing the ps3 as they should. Case in point, KZ2, which on boards everywhere was to signify a huge push that would sell a few mil consoles very quickly but, while a great game, the ps3 didnt really sale any more in late feb early march then it did the previous month (maybe a 1-3% change).

I still cant say that the 360 is standing still as systems are still being bought at more of a rate then the ps3. Also, isnt every console allowed to have one just decent year? I mean last few years PS3 had decent years, nothing really bad and they did ok. 360 has had many strong years and this year is not all crap or bad, not even subpar. Granted so far (pending e3) nothing huge has been announced but for exclusives you still had halo wars (which, in the us anyway, has done better at retail then killzone which is amazing for an RTS on a console) there is also Conviction (which should be out this year) lost planet 2 (i know, still may be out next year) Alan Wake (see conviction), forza 3 (i am saying for x-mas as you know it will be announced next week), and of course ODST. So if these come out 4 big time exclusives is not bad and a pretty decent deal. THough SOny is shooting many salvos, they COULD be shooting themselves in the foot. If they release too many exclusives, coupled with multi's that will sell well (MW2 anyone) then sales could take a hit. I mean with a ton of games to buy in this economic climate, people will have to pass on some that ordinarily they would pick up.

At any rate, though the ps3 is finally showing its cards, you cant count out MS as they have done well this gen AND e3 is still around the corner with who knows what we will see.

All-33338d ago

Just because they aren't exclusive, that automatically turns any multiplatform game into a nothing purchase for console owners?

What about games like:

Street Fighter IV

Left 4 Dead

Rock Band 2

Fable II

Dead Space

Resident Evil 5

UFC 2009 Undisputed

Perhaps none of those multiplatform games interest the articler, but they certainly have for other Xbox 360 owners, even though they aren't --> only on the Xbox 360.

People need to wake up. Exclusives aren't the only games that console owners buy - are they?

The Lazy One3338d ago

I wouldn't judge M$'s lineup till after their press conference. Especially with it only 4 days away.

ObviousTruth3338d ago

What games? where is this all coming from? we've been hearing year of the ps3 every year since launch and as near as i can tell they deliver the same very average collection year after year. killzone and infamous are the only 2 titles i hear ps3 fanboys bragging about, and outside of that very small community, nobody else seems to feel the same way.

Killzone didn't sell very well (though it did sell well relative to other ps3 exclusives) and infamous is just an open world game with very low quality graphics.

there is definitely a rally going on from the ps3 community, but that doesn't have anything to do with games.

now, with that said, i don't think 360 is leveling off or making steps forward, in terms of games, they are moving backwards. they don't have any real big names that we know of yet to look forward to soon. yeah, we know alan wake and splinter cell..but they are far off.

all i can really say is this is a pretty lousy time to be a console gamer. if the best we have to offer is killzone and halo wars....ugg...sad. hopefully things start to turn around at the end of the year. but til then, lets stop calling things what they aren't. we're in a quality gaming slump. there are no original ideas anymore.

Rainstorm813338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Are you insane?? Obviously you havent played Killzone 2 or inFAMOUS. Low quality graphics......really? This year is one of the best years to be a console gamer a ton of "quality game" have been released and will be released. inFAMOUS is just a new IP wait till.....

Uncharted 2
Red Dead Redemption
Splinter cell conviction
God of war 3
Modern warfare 2
Mass Effect 2

just to name a few. Not to mention the unannounced games we will see at E3. We are getting games at a level we have never seen before. Im sorry you decided to buy a Wii or whatever your deal is but clearly this is the time to own a console above any other time. If your unhappy with consoles go play WoW.

Aquanox3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Nice... write an article about how good the PS3 is standing just 3 days before the most mysterious Microsoft`s E3 Performance ever.

Brilliant... only of

ObviousTruth3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

come on man. is that all ps3 fanboys can come up with? "you haven't played it!" that's such a cheap tactic. i own both games...msg me for my psn sn you can check my trophies.

i really can't stand that every time anyone has a problem with the titles on ps3, that's ALL the ps3 fanboys can say "you haven't played it!" or "you're a 360 fanboy." so old, and everyone that's not a fanboy knows better.

as for the rest of the silly stuff you mentioned. ME 2 will be good, gow 3 could be good. but they are a year away. so like i said, this early part of 2009 is a lousy time to be a gamer.
cite something recent that's top quality. cuz i haven't seen anything on the bioshock/mgs 4 caliber for a while now.

ThanatosDMC3338d ago

I'm hopefully joining y'all in Demon's Soul in a few days whenever the package gets to my place. I'm skipping out with Infamous and just gonna wait for the price of it to come down. Very curious about MAG and especially Uncharted 2. Cant wait for Fat Princess and Dead Rising 2!!!

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GiantEnemyCrab3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

This person can't get excited about Mass Effect but he will get excited for Heavy Rain.. He won't get excited for a new Splinter Cell but he will be excited for God of War 3.

Sony has 2 great releases in 09 and this crap get's written with 3 days before E3 and from PSExtreme no less.

"but let's just say that anyone who knows me realizes that after a quarter-century of gaming, I have little to no "brand loyalty."

Yet, I run a site dedicated to the Playstation BRAND.

No doubt this unsubstantiated flamebait will be approved in record time.

Just in the last year the 360 interface has been completely re-done, we have 1 vs 100 coming which is the first live with host and prizes console game and it's right in the dashboard. Sounds far from standing still. I might not like all the moves MS makes but to say they are standing still in this kind of competitive market is naive.
Unless your name is Nintendo nobody can stand still and expect to stay in this business long.

Omegasyde3339d ago

I agree about the author stating he has "no bias", but it looks like Microsoft is either A) hiding its big guns or B) relying on third party publishers or C) Big reveal at E3.

Then again perhaps Microsoft is happy with meeting its current goal?

Either way, if they do release stuff at E3 will those games be ready to be released in Q3/Q4? I think the author is jumping the gun however stating Microsoft is stagnant.

The author should of wrote this article the day after E3. Basically this article is nothing but flamebait.

Godmars2903339d ago

Maybe because ones coming out this year while the other doesn't even have a projected release date? Similar deal with Splinter Cell and GOW3. The Sony games have shown solid footage where the MS entries haven't.

JD_Shadow3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

1. If you read the article, you might not have been so quick to say that he would say this stuff JUST BECAUSE it's PSX Extreme. He owns both and likes both. Trust me, he does.
2. This isn't a lame article. If you look at 2009, for instance, what has MS delivered for the 360 compared to Sony for the PS3? They've had only multiplat games, two Halo games, and a bunch of DLC. As much as people like Halo, and as much as some people like DLC, they are not system sellers. However, people are buying the PS3 FOR MGS4, FOR KZ2, FOR the upcoming God Of War 3 (my stepbro's wife wants the PS3 for GOW3), and Infamous is surprising a LOT of people. Mass Effect 2 will be good, but Bioware continues to be shady about whether or not THAT will stay exclusive to the 360, so that isn't guaranteed. We're still awaiting the 1 vs. 100 thing, and I don't think it'll be a system mover. Halo ODST DOES look pretty good, but I don't know anything else about the game other than the trailer that I saw the other day. Other than that, I don't think there is much else that excites me about the 360 lineup for this year. Splinter Cell and Alan Wake still need one simple thing: AN EFFIN RELEASE DATE! Until then, you can't seriously factor them into the equation.
3. Have you HEARD the details about Heavy Rain? You can't tell me that you've seen those trailers and heard about some of the details and tell me that you weren't even the LEAST bit interested. It's innovative gameplay, the graphics look amazing, and I like the fact that the story can take several twists and turns. That's a game that I'M interested in, at least, along with GOW3 and Infamous.
4. You own a PS3! Even if you disagree with his assessment that the 360 is stagnant at the moment (and I agree with him that it is; unless they know how to hype the holy high hell out of ODST and/or something that they announce at E3 that'll be released in 09, this year is pretty much shot in terms of software), you should be very pleased that you will be able to have a LOT of choices for your other console. And if you really love your 360, you would be wanting a lot more than what MS is giving you for 09.
5. He gave sufficient reasons to back up his opinion. He didn't just post a world of garbage like some site have done. It's clear you disagree with him, but do you REALLY have to assassinate his character.
6. If this WAS reversed and it was the 360 getting this praise while the PS3 got sh!tted on, would you still call flamebait on it?

@Omegasyde: It may be a bit jumping the gun (this was said last year before E3, and look what MS did to put all the PR praise right back at them, and all they really did that was in ANY way interesting was FF13, a price drop, NXE that really didn't do much, and having every single sentence have a noun, a verb, and Sony). However, as I said above, they really can't do much else for THIS year. They can stack the deck for 2010, but I'm not expecting much out of MS for 09.

@the disagrees: I see the trolls are back out. And this comes on the heels of the very same people b!tching that PS3 "fanboys" are "trolling" THEIR stories. Unless YOUR going to stop trolling PS3 related articles, SHUT THE F#CK UP ABOUT THEM TROLLING YOUR STORIES!

Omegasyde3339d ago

I am going to play devils advocate.

Sure its been 5 months out of 2009, and the PS3 released 2 great exclusives...

But there is still 7 months left in the year. I am betting Microsoft, will rely on something more than just Call of Duty sales to push its hardware.

iDystopia3339d ago

Common Sense says maybe he should have waited 3 days for Microsoft's E3 Press Conference.... know the one where they've said they're going to be revealing Xbox 360's 2009 line-up and Possibly even 2010 games like Lost Planet 2, Mass Effect 2 and who knows what....maybe Gears of War 3 which we know is coming at the end of 2010.

Also Halo Wars is a good game. It's a 83% on Meta, that's basically tied with Infamous which is 85%. OMG no way!!! The 15 hour GTA Expansion also got good reviews...and it doesn't hurt getting Square Enix Exclusive's like Star Ocean 4. It also doesn't hurt that Xbox 360 already has 300 more games than PS3 available to play.

So Killzone 2 is PS3's one AAA game so far this year standing at a 91%....and that means Microsoft is "standing still"? Even though 360 got the GTA DLC(with more coming), Square Enix Exlcusives(with more coming)...and just completely re-vamped the Interactive dashboard about 6 months ago?? With big hits like Gears 2, Left 4 Dead and Fable 2 released 6 months ago?

I wish he's would write another article explaining this theory when NPD numbers release again in 13 days or so. Xbox 360 won't be standing still.

Daishi3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Xbox 720 anyone, it's about time for a reveal don't you think?
Oh, and I know everyone is all goo goo over exclusives these days but what about Red Faction Gorilla!

Godmars2903339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

You should have stopped at "Common Sense says maybe he should have waited 3 days for Microsoft's E3 Press Conference." If MS does show anything it likely not coming till mid to late 2010. For get SO4 probably wont be 360 exclusive by then.

The thing is while MS intends to show its 09-10 hand at E3, Sony's only shown part of their's which is already looking strong. Its only going to look better, and MS has to beat that.

Only if MS is into suicide.

Its hardly been 4. MS isn't in a stable enough position marketwise to drop another console even if they could support it finachailly - which I doubt they could. Abandon another one like they did Xbox1.

Daishi3339d ago

Why? I mean it's been over 5 years since the 360 announcement. And on top of that would people rather pay $300 for a PS3 (hopefuly by next year it will be) or $300 for an xbox 720 (if they come out with 2 skus like last time one at $300 the other $400)?

3339d ago
uxo223339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

"If Infamous was so bad, why did IGN give it a 9.2? Why did GameSpot give it 9.0?" Wait about a year ago PS3 fans were chanting that IGN is bias for the 360 and that gamespot were also bias. Now they give a couple of PS3 games good reviews and they are okay again? Wow.

Why is it when a 360 fan brings up metascore or sells, then they are a lame xbot. But a PS3 fan can bring up any sh!t that shines a positive light on the PS3 then okay and bubbles up to them. You guys are such hypocrites.

Most people know that the biggest difference between MS and sony is that MS reveal their game closer to their release dates than sony. The things you are seeing now from sony were revealed two to three years ago (Can anyone say killzone).

So let's just wait and see who does what at E3 and end all this silly conjecture and smack talking. Everytime you PS3 guys get a gleam of how the very next thing you do is start running your mouths. Not very flattering if I must say so myself.

This site need to limit their news articles to major online magazines like IGN, 1up, Gamespot, etc. And do away with these flamebait peddling fanboy sites that are starting to infect the internet like the plague.

RememberThe3573339d ago

Why all you guys are so f*cking butt hurt about this. It one guys opinion. He backed it up, and said what he had to say with logic and reason. That's more then I can say about 90% of the articles on this site, and 99% of the comments.

We all know that MS and Sony are going to offer their audience some great game and feture. How about you guy be gamers, and stop wining like little girls.

Daishi3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

@ uxo22, but at the end of the day all we fanboys have is each other...

Omegasyde3339d ago

And internet porn.

<Comment soon to be deleted by Mod> :P

Godmars2903339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

To those expecting MS to pull off something amazing, just look at their past E3 record.

Netflix was the big thing brought out in 07, FFXIII in 08. Everything else was on the table. At this point the biggest thing that we know of and are hoping for are working versions of Alan Wake and Splinter Cell making appearances. Anything else will have to be better than those titles.

The odds aren't good for MS pulling off any honest surprises. Not that it will stop or effect fanboy hype.

Daishi3339d ago

And our life size loli pillows from Japan...

-comment soon to be deleted by mod-

Nathan1233339d ago

I never complain about IGN or Gamespot... I usually refer to their reviews for buying games. As far as my knowledge goes, the reviews are unbiased and give a good picture of what the game deserves. At least for the past 1 1/2 year, I am yet to see a PS3 exclusive get crap biased reviews from them (MGS4-10 Resistance 2- 9, LBP-9.5 KZ2-9.5, Infamous 9.2.... Haze got what it deserved...). I read the reviews, bought the games and am happy with each of them.

As far as exclusive discussion goes... I still stand by my statement. If M$ is going to reveal something at E3 it will most probably be games which come out next year (like Halo 4 Gears 3...). If they announce something big for this year, then well and good, but at E3 usually companies announce future prospects. If M$ had some games planned this year, then last E3 or GDC09 (like Gears was at previous one) are the best places to reveal them. I still feel a showing of GOW3 (GOD not Gears) will eclipse everything (barring MGS5 going multi-plat). But even after that games like Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain,WKC, GT5, MAG, MGS5, Trico new project... all are titles which can really be tagged as system sellers. You cannot disagree with the fact that these are the high rollers stacked against Halo, Mass Effect and Splinter Cell. Pick your favorite. For me, I love GOW3 more than anything whereas for a 360 person, Halo is everything...

I am just speaking my mind and not for the entire gaming community. If you don't like it, don't read it. Just because I like GOW3 more doesn't make me a Sony fanboy. I even will buy Halo:ODST for my 360.... It's just my preference.

raztad3338d ago

IGN usually is spot on with their reviews, Gamespot not that much until some staff left (too much variety anyone? 7.5/10 R&C:ToD)

Even if Sony decides not to show up in E3, or not to make any new announcement for that matter, they still have the killer exclusive line up for this year. I very much doubt MS has so many tricks under its sleeve to counter all Sony games, and if something is to announced for the MS camp probably will get a 2010 release tag as early.

My theory is that MS is relatively happy with the current situation. Give a look at both companies strategy. Sony got a lot of first party games BUT expensive hardware while MS is relying on third party games (multi, dlc, exclusive timed) but its console got a very cheap entry level. At least in NA this strategy is working well for MS since the price drop last year.

All-33338d ago

I don't see credible reports of any 'sustained' PS3 sales spikes after MGS4 or LittleBigPlanet or Killzone 2 were released... so if people actually are buying PS3s for games that you've mentioned --> where are these PS3 sales spikes and why aren't they sustained? I think an actual PS3 price reduction will create more of a sustained sales spike than any of the games you've mentioned.

edgeofblade3338d ago

It's going to take more than one good year for Sony to get out of their slump. We'll suffer the fanboys this year and then get on with our lives. Now, if Sony can put together two or three good years... we'll talk.

And no, FFXIII does not in itself make a good year.

JD_Shadow3338d ago

1. I mentioned from a personal standpoint and what I have observed. I never mentioned anything about sales spikes.
2. I've said it before that Sony needs to drop the price of the PS3 to really capitalize on the wave of software momentum they have right now.

@edgeofblade: Yet FFXIII was a "megaton" for MS and what "won" E3 for them (according to many who don't know any better).

The Lazy One3338d ago

If you think M$ doesn't announce same year titles ever you are sorely mistaken. L4d and GeoW2 were both announced the same year they were released. RacePro was only announced 7 or so months before its release. Ninja Blade about 7 months too.

ObviousTruth3338d ago

than using the expression "butt hurt."

KingME3338d ago

Here is something I notice, you seem to do very well at ACCURATELY calling out the PS3 Fanboy. One way this is verified is whenever "you" make a firm comment on this site, 24 hours later you are down a bubble or two. About a month ago you had ten bubbles. You have since made 6-10 comments and have lost 5 bubbles in the process. The silly thing is, your comments are not aimed directly at anyone in particular.

You have 7 agrees above, and 4 disagrees yet you still lost a bubble which mean these guys are such douche bags that hey aren't even disagreeing with you they are just stealing bubbles. Lame huh?
But, that's NG4 for you. Pro PS3 have a bubble on the house, pro 360, you're lucky if you have 3 bubbles by the end of the week. I'll probably be down to 2 or 1 when they finish reading this comment.

When will the admins fix this problem, or are they a bunch of ps3 fanboys also. This site would be better off if they did away with the bubble system all together. Dude, you have some serious haters tracking you.

Vavoom3338d ago

You act as if this is something new. This site has been this way for over a year and a half now. To me, it just shows how lame and immature your typical PS3 fanboy truly is. There are guys on this site with 10 bubbles that peddle bullsh!t all day long, one negative comment after the next and they have 8-10 bubbles. Why you ask, because their negative comments are aimed at the 360 and the wii.

I don't care how many bubble they take from me, I'm not going to succumb to their scare tactics or bullying. Perhaps that's why UXO is loosing bubbles, because he's not kissing their arses.

Good for you UXO for calling it like it is. BTW bubbles up! 360 fans you need to start looking out for one another, because the jealous PS3 fans are attacking like little girls striking in the dark with their bubble attacks.

Perhaps this will get the admins attention, since the PS3 fanboy tactics are acceptable.

36T3338d ago

Beautiful post. I agree with everything you said.

n4gno3338d ago

sony was already better in 2008 for great exclusives...2009 is way better again, how can you compare (only in 2007 it was a fair match)

uxo223338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

It's all good man, you come to expect this type of behavior on this site. This is what happens when you mix mature and immature people in one place.

I don't need 10 bubbles to get my point across anyway. They take your bubbles to prevent you from speaking against them and their cause. They also need bubbles to validate themselves, since they having trouble validating their purchase.

JD_Shadow3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

@uxo22: First off, I never took a bubble from you, though I disagreed with EVERYTHING you said. I'm also not a fanboy of any system in any way (I own all three, though that may not matter to some people on this site. You'll see the reason I say that below), and I only take a bubble away from people who truly deserve it, and you're not there...YET!

Now, IGN has been in the center of controversy about plagiarism and all of that. I'm not saying that has much to do for their sometimes biased reporting, but it's something to think about (if they are willing to plagiarize, what else are they willing to do?). There are many sites that think this is still 2007 and the PS3 has "no games" (GameDaily) and that still hold grudges against Sony (Kotaku). However, every devil can get its due, and there is no denying that Infamous looks awesome. Many sites HAVE cleaned up their act and have actually reported more fairly.

But you're doing the classic mistake (either unintentionally or you mean to, really makes no difference): You're going on about PS3 fanboys as if they are the only ones that ever commit the acts you accuse them of, while letting all the 360 fanboys on the site go scot free when it's clear they do the same thing (sometimes being worse than them). That and you seem willing to call anyone that ever disagree with what you said, or thought this was a good article (which it was, albeit a little too early given how Microsoft loves to play the media like they do with THEIR E3 announcements), a PS3 fanboy just because. Why is it that you think it's only PS3 fanboys that behave the way you say they do? Why don't you call out ALL fanboys (because I know for a FACT that 360 fanboys are damn BAD on N4G...from experience, and I know there are some that love to stalk people on this site, too) and not single one group out? And why are you putting everyone that owns and likes their PS3s in a box and calling them fanboys just for the simple fact that they OWN it? Like I said, this is the CLASSIC mistake and it's probably the reason you lost a bubble (because that's the same type of BS the immature trolls who use the SDF line love doing every single time they post, and THEY get the debubbling treatment...and THEY DESERVE it).

@KingME: And YOU take the classic mistake and make it worse by turning the reason why he lost the bubble as some kind of conspiracy theory when in reality it's simple: don't act like everyone in the world that ever agrees with a point you don't like as a fanboy and you won't get treated like that. You're fine to disagree, but this boxing people into a group unfairly is ridiculous. And you're even calling them douchebags because they disagree with him (and, like I said above, it's not like it's just PS3 fanboys that do that. I've seen 360 fanboys on this site do the exact same thing, yet they don't get called out?). Maybe stop treating everyone on this site as a member of a group that was a parody made by the Wii60 site owner (who continues to deny that he OWNS that SDF site to this DAY even though the WhoIs entries tell the truth), and start treating people who own a PS3 as gamers, and we won't get this stuff going. Yeah, I know there is immaturity on all sides, but it seems like actual gamers get sh!tted on if they even OWN a PS3.

@Vavoom: Read above. Plus, you're line of "Good for you UXO for calling it like it is. BTW bubbles up! 360 fans you need to start looking out for one another, because the jealous PS3 fans are attacking like little girls striking in the dark with their bubble attacks." is striking considering the language you used. "360 fans you need to start sticking together"? How about actually posting comments that are relevant to the conversation instead of doing THIS petty BS? We'd actually GET somewhere. Maybe if uxo didn't go into the classic mistake...

Seriously, how many times do we deviate from the actual TOPIC to address THIS BS because people are scared that there's some hidden agenda to get the 360 gamers? It's EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN TIME! And why do we bother to spell this out when they NEVER LISTEN?

Oh, and if you thought this was flame bait and wasn't worthy, then why the [email protected] did you click on it and then comment about it?

[email protected] second comment (since I didn't see that there the first time): NOW you're close to a debubbling from me because of THAT! You seem contempt to just label EVERYONE as a PS3 fanboy. Read what you wrote and you MAY see WHY you're getting "attacked". It's because you're, AGAIN, lumping every PS3 owner into a group with the idiots and calling THEM idiots, too, then condemn them when they punish YOU for doing that, and then say that it's your proof that they "look after one another". I could say the exact same thing about 360 fanboys on this site, and I could lump them into a group, and I would be wrong too, because I have a 360, too, and some of the friends I have on this site own and like it.

The fact that you are lumping people like me that like the PS3 but still post actual relevant comments (at least I try my best to) as fanboys, and condemn us for calling you on this conspiracy theorist run of yours is just uncalled for.

(By the way, if you want proof that PS3 fanboys aren't the only ones that engage in that dumb behavior, check MY comments and how I get attacked a lot on this site. Like I said, EVERY side has them).

The Lazy One3337d ago

"I'm also not a fanboy of any system in any way (I own all three, though that may not matter to some people on this site. You'll see the reason I say that below)"


oohWii3336d ago

Wow, First off for you. Your last comment was some of the most evangelistic and hypocritical bullsh!t I have read on this site in some time.

It you're not a fanboy and you just have a higher liking for the PS3 then that's fine. But from what I see, you are a closet fanboy hiding behind the lame "I have all three systems" defense mechanism. Why else would you feel compelled to spend 30 minutes writing a frickin 9 chaper novel on something that (according to you) doesn't even apply to you. I call BS you are a fanboy and you should stand up for who/what you are. It it acts, talks, attacks like a fanboy, then it's probably a fanboy (oh that was too cliche')

Either way, you attacked UXO, who once again according to you wasn't talking about you because you're not a fanboy right. And then you attacked two other people that supported him. Now does this sound like something a neutral party would do? I think not.

So, as far as I'm concerned for you it's bubble down for acting like a clown!

Icecold333336d ago

That last line was classic.

I would definitely have to agree with you.

DSI3336d ago

Dude you are sporting a 746 gamer score, that tell's me that you 'Just' bought your 360. When did you get it, march so you can play MS pacman? Wow.

I agree oohwii, some people have no shame.

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slave2Dcontroller3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

way this guys talks and thinks. Dunno if thats good or bad but it works for me because I totally agree with him. At this point you can go'head and slap that SDF PS3 Fanboi sticker right on my forehead. Its fine, I deserve it.

Thing is, I have tried everthing in my power not to be one. I even went as far as buying a 360 in attempts of being an all around gamer. Thing is, the only thing I like on the damn thing is GeOW and Lost Odyessy, correction; I LOVE GeOW.

I also bought a damn Wii. Liked it at first but now it just sits there. I been playing since the 19th of this month after not touching it forever but thats bc I LOVE Punch Out.

But my PS3, aaaaaaagh she turns me on and I hardly ever turn her off. All the games that appeal to me are on that damn System and most of them are exclusives and not just the big guns like Uncharted and MGS4. I'm talking about WipeOut HD and Hot Shots Golf:OOB. These are franchises I have been a fan of since PS1! Take that and add Uncharted2, KZ2, LBP, inFAMOUS, GOW, Trico(Tentative) and the list goes on and f'n on. I havent even got around to checking out Ratchet & Clank yet.

At this point I even buy multi's for my PS3 over the 360 bc I'd rather commit the progress to my PS3 profile and plus my LIVE trial is up and I aint payin no 50 bones. I'm gushing here, I know. Go ahead and pop my bubbles maybe I deserve it. Just dont touch my gotdamn PS3, and dont send me to the open zone for this either. I dont knock people for liking what they enjoy. I'm just sayin how i feelz.

@GEC I didnt give you that disagree, to each his own.

Morituri3338d ago

The last thing I played on my 360 was Mass Effect (awesome game). I also snatched up a copy of Psychonauts (Amazing). But my main console is my ps3. Maybe if my 360 didn't give me so many "disc read errors" it would get more play. These ps3 exclusives are killers imo.

GiantEnemyCrab3338d ago

Have you given the 360 enough of a chance?

For one thing, I don't get how anyone could like inFAMOUS and not completely enjoy Crackdown. They are similar in many ways and actually Crackdown does things better like vehicles. Yet you can only name 2 360 games but many of the titles you enjoy on the PS3 I can think of some 360 equivalents.

Fair enough, you are entitled to your own opinion and I won't disagree.

slave2Dcontroller3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

and I will continue to give the 360 a chance. Its not up for sale and it wont ever be. I have stated many times over that E3 could completely change my current view point and I totally welcome that. My comment wasnt geared towards pissing the 360 favorable off, although I knew it would. However, It was more about my current excitement over my PS3 over anything else and it was honest.

We as individuals like different things, different foods, clothes, movies, etc. Gaming is no different with the exception of us Gamers having a tendancy to feel like if we dont think alike then SOMEBODY IS JUST WRONG. We want to give and state our personal opinions but are'nt willing to accept the opinions of others who think differently and its rediculous. In reality no one can be wrong for liking a console that fufills theirs needs. I cant play LBP on the 360 or Uncharted or WipeOut or Hotshots Golf, or MGS4 and so on I honestly love and enjoy my PS3 library more than the others. Period.

Im sure Mr. GiantEnemyCrab could sit down and compose a long list of Xbox 360 exclusives that cannot be found on the PS3 but would you be wrong for doing so? Hell No! Its your preference and I'm REALLY cool and ok with that. True story, NMC2007 is one of my best friends in the world and if you check his comments you will see that dude is not fond of the PS3 AT ALL. He just got through bashing the WKC E3 Trailer LOL! but thats my boy and I got alot love for him and although I dont agree with many of his views, I respect them. We can talk about games for hours on end and have fun with it rather we're strongly debating or agreeing. I think thats how it should be.

I have no problem with Crackdown. I like inFAMOUS because of some of small things that SP added like grinding on wires and rails. They borrowed that from JSRF which is one of my favorite franchises. I like Cole as character and the game is just AWSOME. I have never said that Crackdown sucks or inFAMOUS is better although IMO it is. I have totally acknowledged the fact that inFAMOUS IS inspried by Crackdowm and probably by BioShock, GTA, Spiderman, JSR, Sly Cooper and what have you. The final package is just more in tune with my taste in games.

The PS3 as a collective is more in tune with my taste in games. I make no apologies for that nor should anyone who has a favorite console despite which logo is imprinted on it. Hope this helps.

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