What made those old, 2D platformers so great?

A look back at some classic 8-bit and 16-bit platformers and what made them so enjoyable.

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PirateThom3194d ago

2D platformers have always been my favourite genre.

I don't think I'll ever love a game more than Super Mario World.

If I was composing a top 10 game list, I'd say 2D platformers would hold their own in it.

ngg123453194d ago

And you should love it more. By far the greater game out of the two and I could go all day about why it is so much superior.

xabmol3194d ago

World > Bros3

Wipe the nostalgia out of you eyes and you will see the truth.

ThatArtGuy3194d ago

The same could be said to you. SMB3 is the height of the SMB series in my opinion as well. SMW, while a great and amazing game, is where they started shifting the gameplay sideways and making it different instead of improving what had been presented before.

Megaton3194d ago

Super Mario World is my #1 of all time. 2 and 3 are GTA: Vice City and the original Metal Gear Solid, respectively. Put a lot of thought into a favorites list awhile back.

xabmol3194d ago

Ghost House

Star World

Secret Levels

Sarcasm3194d ago

Super Mario World is the pinnacle of 2d platformers.

I can literally play that game for hours and hours and hours. Heck, I can still play it now for hours.

One of the greatest games ever created in the history of anything to do with gaming.

'nuff said

sniper-squeak3194d ago

...isn't this what LBP is trying to acheive... it's kinda 2D, it's massively addictive and it looks old school from the off-set, the only difference being it's on a next generation console...

A very creative game...

pain777pas3193d ago

The controls are what make 2d games great. Only few 3d games should even exist inFamous is one of the best examples of how to do it right and be exciting and fun. I love jumping off high buildings with the camera overhead.

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KKanjiAnkh3194d ago

The fact that you could create lush worlds w/out showing all the dimensions, and never think twice about your only 4 ways to go.

ThatArtGuy3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Doesn't matter how old it is or what format it uses. If a game plays well, it's a good game.

The same can be said about new games. If it's good...

Sarcasm3194d ago

I disagree.

Super Mario World is more fun than 90% of games available today.

SaiyanFury3194d ago

morganfell has a point. So many old games had appeal that very few today have. I agree that the original Super Mario World was a defining game in the 2D platforming genre. Lord knows there are others such as the original Donkey Kong Country. So few these days can compare. The 16-bit generation had it's classics. One of my personal faves is Shinobi 3. Classic platforming and great environmental functionality bring me to it. Great powerups, and great gameplay keep me as an eternal fan of SEGA.

somekindofmike3194d ago

my guess would be...

2D platformers are very restrictive as games, the player can only move in 2 dimensions. When the game designer knows this he/she can create a world that is perfect for these situations and not have to worry about the limitless possibilities of movement created by 3D games. This makes it easier on the designer as the gamer can't really go off and explore where they shouldn't be or get lost somewhere they shouldn't be.

Games like GTA work very hard to make a believable 3D world. but it means the designer / developer has to think about all the possibilities of what a player can or might try and do. where as a 2D platformer the gamer can only really do a few things.

Games Like Call of Duty 4, unlike GTA it is a very restrictive game, where the developer doesn't let the gamer wander away from the action. This plays out more like the traditional 2D platformer where every gamer experiences the game in a very similar way.

So basically I think 2D platformers work so well because when a developer is forced to work within the restrictions of 2D they really excel, not only in attention to detail but also because these games are linear by nature, the developer spends all the time making sure this linear experience is perfectly fine tuned, every last jump measured to perfection, every enemy position considered and placed pixel perfect. rather than spending there time worrying what if the gamer decides to do it this way, or this way, or that way.

Lich1203194d ago

Adding a third dimension makes everything from coding to level design much more than twice as complicated.

I thought I would throw out the fact that while many 2d games are great, Ive never gotten as addicted to any 2d game as much as a plethora of 3d games I have.

OmegaSlayer3194d ago

The pace.
2D platform have always a great pace and rhythm.

skwidd3194d ago

Wow! Bang on, dude! I thought of this before but yes. The pace of these games are amazing. Once you get in the flow theres no stopping. Its like you're jacked into the matrix.

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