Rumor: Retro Studios was working on Zelda for Wii

If there's one thing Zelda fans know at this point, it is that a game in the series is in development for the Wii.

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Smacktard3370d ago

If anyone could do it, it'd be Retro. I want Retro to work on it more than anyone, but I doubt it's a possibility.

n4f3370d ago

i would, but myamoto state that zelda team(the same that did twilight princess)are in work for new zelda

Beast_Master3370d ago

That doesn't mean anything. Zelda team could mean any collection of developers not the same ones. You could be right but don't tell me because Muiymota was translated as saying "the Zelda and Mario Teams are at work" means that the exact same people will be doing both games again. I mean they could have hired a couple of people over the last 3 years. May have even lost a few game coders you never know.

Mini Mario3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

"If anyone could do it, it'd be Retro. I want Retro to work on it more than anyone, but I doubt it's a possibility. "

Yeh its kinda like "Retro" is the new "Rareware" of this generation for nintendo

qface643370d ago

i doubt this was true?
but if it was
i like retro studios but no thanks let them go work on something else

Smacktard3370d ago

Why? It's not like Nintendo themselves would do a better job. See: Twilight Princess. Retro revitalized the Metroid franchise with the Prime series. There was just so much to do, so many places to explore, so much DETAIL. This is what the Zelda series needs, and what Twilight Princess lacked so much of.

qface643370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

what twilight princess wasn't bad the general public liked the game
the metroid games were always like that had allot of areas and places to go

anyways nintendo has already done good things with the zelda series and they are talking about changing it up a bit so its not in bad hands with the zelda team

let retro studios work on something else as much as i like the work they did with metroid prime they don't have much under the belt so there's no guarantee the game would be good if they made it

Smacktard3370d ago

The general public also likes, for example, the Twilight book series. Basically the general public has terrible taste.

People were worried about how Metroid Prime would turn out, coming from a brand new developer. I couldn't blame them at the time. But now after seeing how high the production values of Retro's games are, I'd like to see more games made by them. Especially a Zelda game. Metroid Prime series had a way higher production value than Twilight Prince-mess.

sunday_times3370d ago

I have faith that Retro could do the Zelda series proud.

Would be even better if it was a collaboration between both teams!

phantomexe3370d ago

well the podcast did say they were still working on something but yea this kind of sucks if nintendo pulled retro idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.