GTA Goes Latino...Why?

Latinogamer investigates the "Ballad of Gay Tony" buzz, is it warranted, is controversy bound to happen or is it Rockstar being Rockstar?

On the eve of E3, "The Ballad of Gay Tony" has the gaming industry in a buzz tweeting, blogging and podcasting on the next episode of GTA will be. As of know, it seems Microsoft's $50 million exclusivity deal with Rockstar for two episodic downloadable content was the smart choice. The announcement has writers/journalists/bloggers praising Rockstars move to include a Latino/Hispanic lead and the word 'gay' in the main title.

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Forrest Gump3407d ago

Actually,the bigger issue is why Rockstar decided to make the next Microsoft-funded DLC such a controversial offering.

I wonder,could the poor sales of the first DLC pack have anything to do with this?

ShabzS3407d ago

i thnik its the media that really made the noise about the title wasnt it...

but ur right on one thing... i think the even more clearer indication of week online sales for the 1st one is the push for retail release of tlad and the new dlc ... this time they're targetting both people online and off... which is a smart thing to do...

ShabzS3407d ago

like the guy said rockstar has nuts and they dont shy away .. for god sakes they had a nude guy with a fully physics enable flinging D*ck in the cutscene as he walked around in tlad ... they do what they see fit ... and as a gamer you gotta love em .. cant wait

Gorgon3406d ago

It's interesting to see how something like this sparks discussion and makes the news on the internet (in the US) while in Europe no one gives damn. Maybe it's because the "Hispanic/Latino" term doesn't make much sense in a European context, but surelly there are other reasons.