Disgaea 3 trophy patch coming soon to North America

NIS America revealed that the trophy patch for Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice may be coming soon.

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Jadaking3372d ago

yea but no one is never going to get a platinum trophy on this game, but still good news

vhero3372d ago

Why not I done near everything there is to do on this game already its an amazing game and I spent over 100 hours on it already and would be prepared to spend more on it for trophys.

ExcelKnight3372d ago

The trophies in Japan all require some pretty heavy stuff, but the gold trophies pertain to completing a 100 level run (no exits) of a Land of Carnage Item World, dealing more than a few billion damage, etc.

The trophies are obviously geared toward current players while showing you how powerful you can become if you're starting a new game.

3372d ago
DrWan3372d ago

I want trophy for VC. I would even replay everything from Mission 1 if u add it

[email protected]3372d ago

That's what I wait for... Sega, come on VC trophy patch.

housegroove763371d ago

please for the love of god let these trophies be retroactive. I know more than likely they will not be. Not that I wouldn't mind playing through again, but geez all the time i have invested would be gone. I'll really feel like Mao when his dad erased his save =P