GameSpy Pre-E3 2009: Army of Two: 40th Day Hands-On Preview

GameSpy writes: "Salem and Rios sound like the names of B-movie action stars, which was apt for their debut appearance in the original Army of Two. The game wasn't terrible, but it felt generic, and stood out mostly to me as a game that just didn't feel like it lived up to its potential for deep cooperative action. The duo's second outing, Army of Two: The 40th Day looks a helluva lot like the original but will feature a series of small changes that we hope will bring it closer to the game we wanted the first to be. Here's my take on the new changes I experienced during my brief hands-on time with the game."

+Lots of ways to interact with your partner make for what looks like a good cooperative experience.

-Still not sure how fun this game is going to be when playing with the A.I.

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