TeamXbox: NCAA Football 10 TeamBuilder Q&A

TeamXbox writes: "When the Xbox 360 hit the market, there were many a wild thought about how a PC could seamlessly integrate with such a Microsoft-branded console. Functionality such as Media Center support, as well as the Netflix tie-in, illustrate how the Xbox 360 can function well as a multi-media hub, but users are more interested in how MS' expertise can pay off in a way more directed toward the gaming experience.

Shadowrun showed some promise for those wondering if the X360's software architecture had any PC-derived benefit. Sadly, there aren't many developers out there looking to tap into the power of the PC as it relates to the Xbox 360. The exception in 2009, however, is Electronic Arts Tiburon. Tiburon is using a Web-based application to power NCAA Football 10's "Create-a-Team" system, now known more slickly as TeamBuilder."

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