Do you want a Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Bèta Key?

PS3-Sense writes: "Almost every PlayStation 3 owner is waiting for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The Uncharted: Drake's Fortune sequel, have this time not only a single player, but also a multiplayer. This concept is new to Naughty Dog and will be well tested in the form of a multiplayer beta. Now sure we hear you thinking, I wish to play it!"

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Raoh3287d ago

one easy way to get it... buy inFamous

SL1M DADDY3286d ago

There are two reasons to buy inFAMOUS. One, you get a great, if not THE greatest open world action hero game on the PS3 and two, you get the Uncharted 2 beta key.

To all: If you have not purchased inFAMOUS yet, you're missing out.

J8M7G3286d ago

My copy of inFamous arrived today but i didnt get a code. :(

Lord_Ash3286d ago

Yeah I also bought Infamous but there was no Beta code.

windmill1453287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Worth a try, I'm really bad at history though, thank god for Google.

I already got my beta code from Qore but I don't know if it's sharable so I'm trying to win one for a friend. Then again he should be the one trying to win one, not me.

xabmol3287d ago

You can download it on up to 4 other consoles! =]

The Hunter3287d ago

yeah share it =) pm me if you want ;)

First, i go to bed now!

chaosatom3287d ago

Can you guys give me the email of the guy that I need to send my answer to?

-MD-3286d ago

Not really I'll just wait for the game.

Bolts3286d ago

I'm agreeing here. Betas are only good for MMOs and statswhores. Frankly after Socom and Killzone 2 I'm not interested in any more betas. One was crapstatic and the other ruined the shock and awe of playing the killerapp for the very first time.

2FootYard3286d ago

I want the key to the heart of humanity.

cody2oo3286d ago

the beta keys come with best buy pre-order only i believe, which is what i did XD. couple more days!!!

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