E3 Search: 10 More Games Missing In Action


"These are games that must make an appearance at this year's E3, or they will be presumed dead or dying. This time there are some sequels among the 10, and as always if you've seen new information about them, or have other missing games to add to the list, let us know in the comment section below."

List includes Doom 4, Perfect Dark 2, Halo Chronicles, Star Wars Battlefront III, Age of Conan etc.

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gaminoz3367d ago

I'm more interested in Wolfenstein than Doom. Could Doom 4 be better than Dead Space?

Some of those less known titles are interesting too...but look like they need polish (and maybe publisher help?).

Man Age of Conan for 360 has been taking forever...surely it must show up at E3?

Superfragilistic3367d ago

That Darkest Days civil war one looks cool and my fingers are crossed for Halo Chronicles and Doom 4.

I know for a fact there's news about Section 8 at E3...

But I'd love news about AoC.

allegionary3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Me too...though some are pretty big titles.

1. I don't think MMOs will work on a console, so that may be why Age of Conan is missing

2. Perfect Dark Zero 2 would rule

3. Dead Space would probably kill any Doom 4

4. WTF happened to Halo Chronicles?

5. Maybe if MS had published some of those lesser known titles they'd have some more exclusives (they are PC and 360 only mostly anyway...)

6. Where is Forza 3...that should be on the list...though Gran Turismo is just as missing and needs to show at E3

gaminoz3367d ago

@ Super

Yeah that Darkest Of Days looks promising...I had a look at the vid in the link.

@ Allegionary

Forza is going to show at E3...I'm sure MS will make it a priority, along with Halo ODST.

Not sure what happened with Halo Chronicles...

Uncle Rico3367d ago

I dunno about Doom 4. They hyped Doom 3 so much and then I was bitterly disappointed when it finally came out after those years of development, I doubt I would be interested in Doom 4.

Godem3367d ago

E3 will FAIL this year if Doom 4 is not announced/previewed/shown officially.

REALgamer3367d ago

But I'm more interested in Rage. Hopefully it'll be playable on the floor so we can get some news on how it works instead of just (insanely) pretty screenshots.

Godem3366d ago

I dont think Rage could ever be as popular or hyped as Doom 4 would be.

XboxOZ3603367d ago

while going through these games I could see plenty of potential for the console, irrespective of platform. There's several others that have also gone MIA unfortunately. WHich is quite common with games these days.

SOme simply go into hybernation and pop back on the radar a few years later or simply fade away into the background.

BUt several of them could well be up for a mention at E3 this year, as many of the bookings we have with the various publishers could shed some light on them, we'll be sure to ask, that's for certain.

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The story is too old to be commented.