Joystiq: Terminator Salvation Review

Joystiq writes: "My reviews might occasionally sacrifice a touch of clarity in exchange for glibness or sesquipedalianism, so I find it important to write this review with its ultimate conclusion as its preface. The game is supremely awful, and you shouldn't buy it, rent it or play it. If that stern recommendation was all you were looking for, feel free to move on without reading the remainder after the jump.

If you want a lesson in how not to make a game, read on. Especially if your name appears anywhere in the Terminator Salvation credits. (Yes, even you, Rose McGowan -- IF THAT IS EVEN YOUR REAL NAME.)

Let's get the big thing -- and by big thing, of course, I mean inexcusable, preposterous offense -- out the way: The game is four hours long, maybe five if played at the hardest difficulty, which you probably won't feel compelled to do. This fact wouldn't be nearly as inexcusable or preposterous if the game didn't have the $60 price tag of a satisfyingly-lengthened title. Perhaps as a $15 - $20 XBLA or PSN download, I could suggest it to diehard fans of the franchise. But Sixty American Dollars? No, no, a thousand times no."

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