Nintendo Wii's New Add-On The RiiFlex Will Debut At E3

he RiiFlex will definitely turn heads once again like how the Wii fit has thanks to powerplay. This add-on is a weighted peripheral that converts the Wii Controllers into dumbbells. Just imagine how much fun you can have lifting weights as a videogame.

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kunit22c3403d ago

first of all, they only go up to 4 lbs, thats weak! and second of all this is just a stupid idea! no way Nintendo made this.

condorstrike3403d ago

this is either a joke....or a damn joke, it better be a joke.....damn if it's not then Nintendo fell off the peripheral wagon and is now back on crack.

btw this looks better be....damn it.

MattG3402d ago

I dont know it just seems like it can get a much better workout than the wii fit board.

egm_hiphopgamer3402d ago

combine this with the wii fit and you got ya self a full body workout

Lifendz3402d ago

Meanwhile I think most gamers are still wondering what happened to Nintendo actually making games....