GameSpot: Art Style: PiCTOBiTS Review

GameSpot writes: "Blocks rain from the sky, blotting out the sun with their odd shapes and vivid colors. Your only hope to survive this onslaught is to match colors, banishing these blocks with strings of carefully constructed combos. But they just keep falling, faster and faster, until the screen is a blur of colors and you end up buried under the unrelenting mass. It's a formula that has been imitated and tweaked countless times since Tetris introduced the world to the horrors of geometric shapes. Art Style: Pictobits is unique, taking advantage of the touch screen to make block removal feel fresh, but it lacks the addictive quality that keeps you glued to the screen for hours, or even weeks, at a time. At only 500 DSi points ($5), it's an affordable way to check out another twist to the classic formula, but Pictobits doesn't have the verve to become a classic in its own right."

The Good

* Interesting block-destroying mechanic
* Forming pictures of Nintendo characters is cool

The Bad

* Sometimes imprecise controls
* No multiplayer
* Too difficult
* Colors are too similar in some levels.

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