GameSpot: Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs Review

Gamespot writes: "There are a lot of minigame collections on the Wii, but none are quite like Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs. For starters, it's premise is pretty wacky. You have to save Earth from a meteor by working an assortment of odd jobs (read: minigames) in order to earn money so you can buy items from a television shopping network to postpone the meteor's impact and eventually destroy it. Every weird element becomes progressively stranger as you play the game, ensuring that the game's oddball charm holds up for a good long while. And surprisingly, Help Wanted is quite long. There is no shortage of intergalactic objects queued up to smash into Earth, and by working hard, you can level up in any of the 50 jobs and earn even more money."

The Good:

* Bizarre, amusing presentation
* Great variety of minigames
* Random events stave off monotony
* Campaign is creative and lasts a long time
* Discount price

The Bad

* Some minigames have control and design issues
* Campaign can get repetitive
* Frequent interruptions can drag on

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