IGN: The Most Anticipated PS3 Games of E3

The top 10 PS3 games that will be talked about at this years E3. God of War 3, Modern Warfare 2, Mafia 2, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy 13, Ratchet and Clank:A Crack in Time, Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed 2, DJ HERO, and Bioshock 2. The most anticipated games that will be talked about at E3

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ngg123453341d ago

What a fail. Don't go there in any way not saying that is a fail because you will still be wrong.

DNAgent3341d ago

It also looks like they have FF13 in there as well. It looks like this article fails I mean the only people interested in a mediocre RPG from a garbage company like S-E are only the people who are still hardcore FF fanboys that would buy anything with the name slapped on it.

Lucreto3341d ago

I am an FF Fanboy of which you speak. I enjoyed all the games but have become disillusioned with SE. I hope they will make it up to me. I am still a fan of SE but to a lesser extent.

Baba19063341d ago

i have enjoyed almost all ff too. so i guess im pretty excited about the next two. the demo seemed pretty fun. Sure aquare hasent given us any love lately but its never too late and they are taking alo of time with thisgame.

Nathan1233341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

A DJ game before MAG!!!! This article sucks.

EDIT: Oh ya.... no GT5 either... what are they kiddin me?

SaiyanFury3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I'm also a former S-E/Squaresoft fan that has also become disillusioned with S-E lately. I don't have a single one of their games this gen as I'm waiting for something that really speaks to me as an RPGamer. Hopefully, they'll get FFXIII right and I can enjoy it as much as I loved FFXII.

As for anticipated games, I hope that Demon's Souls, being released in North America by Atlus will get some recognition. Currently, it's the best action/RPG/dungeon crawler available on any console. Beyond those I don't know what to expect RPG-wise. All I know is the games are coming. All it takes is time.

Beyond RPGs the PS3 has a total crapload of games coming. Sony is the true first party powerhouse this time around and that's not a bad thing. So many damned games to get, it can almost bankrupt a gamer.

SL1M DADDY3341d ago

DJ Hero? Yeah right, like all I need is another huge peripheral in my living room to go along with all the Rock Band gear and Guitar Hero stuff. Sorry, but if I had my pick, DJ Hero would not even be on the honorable mention list.

Shadow Flare3341d ago

- Gran Turismo 5
- Trico
- Uncharted 2
- Metal Gear Solid 5
- God of War 3
- Ratchet & Clank
- Starhawk
- Heavy Rain
- Fat Princess

jrsenkbe3341d ago

More interested in Demons Souls and White Knight Story than those multi play games.

3341d ago
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dan881233341d ago

Goin to watch it this week, then hopefully download it on psn in hd right after. Woohoo! Videogame xmas!

torontoml3341d ago

Why aren't any sites saying GT5 doesn't anybody expect this to be there?

Sushidrew3341d ago

This is what I'm looking forward the most. Obviously they won't show too much, but I've been waiting years to actually see ANY footage of this new MMO they are making. Heard recently that it's a PS3 exclusive!

chidori6663341d ago

fail list.. no have ffversus.

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