IGN: Pre-E3 2009: Bit.Trip Core Hands-on

IGN writes: "Of course there's also a combo system for high scores, though again there's no way to upload your ranks and share them with friends, which is a shame. Again you've got three songs, each running about 10 minutes long, and each getting more and more impossible, so it's a decent sized experience, even if I still wish it was 10 three minute tracks instead of three 10 minute ones. It's a stamina battle for sure. Oh, and just like with Beat, if you screw up too much you get the black and white screen and no music to go with your beats. It's a tough game, but it's also a lot of fun. I'm not sure if it's got me sold quite like Beat did, but it's right up there with it as another must-buy WiiWare game, and I've only put about 20 minutes into the game".

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