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Although the concept is interesting enough, the characters are detestable 2D cut-outs that wander around looking grizzly, or with their boobs hanging half-out, and spout random hokum with such wooden delivery that every line becomes unintentionally hilarious. As you plough deeper into the steampunk setting it becomes painfully obvious that the plot is the same, timeless, good-versus-evil guff that you've heard a hundred times before. It all adds up to one (excuse the pun) epic failure.

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Blaze9293405d ago

woooooooooooooow. I thought this would be at LEAST somewhat decent.

Myst3405d ago

Multiplayer is decent, everything else screams rental at best. As I have stated a few times before it seems like the game would have worked best as a purely multiplayer game without the addition of the campaign. It has the makings of a good mutliplayer (the jumping, hanging from ledges and weapons are nice) and seems like it could hold people's attention for a few weeks or even months; yet seems as if the ball was dropped a bit when they had chosen to do one thing. Make a campaign for it.

TheColbertinator3405d ago

LMAO I knew it.Seriously this game looked so lame

Namikaze_Minato3405d ago


ElementX3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Well, I feel bad for the developers. I watched a developer interview and they seemed excited about it. Must be rough to work on something that gets crap reviews. I guess most of the Wii developers deal with that problem all the time, though.

I bet they wish they could take their names out of the credits

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