First trailer for Gladiator A.D.

High Voltage Software has released the debut trailer for their new Wii game, Gladiator A.D.

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qface643342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

that looked pretty nice i see how it is its like an extreme punch out just with swords

also the graphics look better than the conduit not bad HVS

kunit22c3342d ago

This does look pretty sweet, and gface64 thats exactly what i thought, an extreme version of punch out! But with this motion+ is used and so far from the gameplay i dont see a need for it, except if it measures how hard you swing and deals damage by how hard you swing than thats pretty cool :)

kunit22c3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

i would still think its cool if the single player was like this, but i would kinda prefer being this close to your character but being right behind him still seing through him (camera view) and being able to walk around and fight weaker enemies and then maybe get to fight bosses this way, and in multiplayer have an option to fight like this or in the free walk around and attack eachother way, that would be cool but i dont think it will happen :P agree if you think that would be cool.

Chubear3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Ok, so who's the developers on this one? Did they take the rights from Koei or something?

Chubear3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )'s been like a splinter in my head for so long and now I remember. It was a game from Koei called - Colosseum: Road to Freedom for the PS2.

Here's the trailer and some gameplay of it too:

Hope it turns out good for the wii fans.

qface643342d ago

only real similarities is that they are both based in roman times fighting in a colosseum

N4g_null3341d ago

Chubear the actually fighting seems way better and also the graphics are way better but thanks for the link that game has a lot of rpg like stuff. They may have this in their version also I remember them saying some thing about those elements.

kunit22c this is a full 3d game I believe so you should be able to adjust the camera this is a game by the guys that made conduit.

Looking pretty solid though I would love to see some of the other screen shots in action.

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Hisiru3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

This is probably an alpha build. They released a trailer too early like they did with The Conduit. I loved the video, but I don't know how they will put the lions and animals (they said that some animals will appears in the combat).

kunit22c3342d ago

This is 7 months into development.

phosphor1123342d ago

Nice to see HV actually taking care of the Wii while Nintendo is slackin off. Though I wish they would have put more substance into the trailer though. It looks good and all, but did it get me excited? No, and well..aren't trailers supposed to? Oh well, when does the conduit come out so I can bug my friend to get it?

Seferoth753341d ago

Nintendo slacking off? They just released Punch Out for christ sake... Oh wait just another troll ignoring facts to justify blind hate... Carry on then

phosphor1123341d ago

It is exactly the same thing, not that it's bad, but Nintendo doesn't know how to go with new ideas. It's almost a fact. They find something they like, then they either a) stick with it or b) screw it up.

Yes, Brawl is awesome, just as was Melee, and all the other SSB's, but they are milking the cows dry.

PunchOut!! - (3D & Title Defense Mod, Last Stand Mode) = Super PunchOut!! - 16 bit graphics = Mike Tyson's PunchOut!!.

I have beaten the two older ones. I'm not saying the games are bad, because they aren't, but they are nothing new. It's all the same! Of course, it gives you that great nostalgic feeling, but that will fade away, with any player, and they will realize, Nintendo has yet to reveal something NEW. I'm not hating on Nintendo, I'm stating facts.

It's sad that High Voltage feels the need to release good games on their favorite console. While they haven't specifically given any examples, they did say they think the console deserves better.

I'm NOT a fanboy by any means, I own played every console, except the Commador 64.

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SinnedNogara3342d ago

This looks awesome. I hope for online.

*Looks at MadWorld and sighs, saying "No online?"*

condorstrike3342d ago

just what I thought it would be, and was that Leonard Nemoy?...btw love the camera system.

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