IGN: Crimson Gem Saga Review

IGN writes: "Crimson Gem Saga knows exactly what it is: a simple, old-school, effortlessly effective throwback to the good ol' days when a solid battle system, enjoyable story, banter-heavy characters, constant upgrade cycles for equipment and just enough depth to keep one going were paramount. It's so amazingly retro, but it doesn't feel old. In truth, the game is about as fitting a tribute to the games that came before while still including just enough of the newer advancements to make it all seem like the game old-school RPG fans have been waiting for since the PSP was introduced. If you've ever loved a classic JRPG, this is the game for you, and if you haven't, this is probably the more inoffensive way to get a peek at what we were all playing a decade or more ago. It doesn't really do anything new, but it's so comfortable in its skin that that doesn't matter. It revels in its simplicity. And so did I".

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Chris3993336d ago

It just reeks of old-school charm. Reminiscent of the SNES/ PSX sprite based JRPGs that I sunk a vast portion of my youth into.

Only two more days!!! (In Canada, everything is slightly delayed except for major releases.)

blitz06233336d ago

yep. it's kinda annoying how non high profile games are released almost 1 week later here. I'm also waiting on Cross Edge which will take some time too.

jkoz3336d ago

Honestly I didn't know about this game until a few days ago and now I can't wait to buy it. A turn based RPG is exactly what I've been craving. Golden Sun and Lost Odyssey are two of my favorite RPGs so I'll be glad to see what this has to offer. The great review is also very encouraging.

Bnet3433336d ago

I miss my PSP now ... I had two of them and sold them both.

ButterToast3336d ago

so much better than the gamespot review. i swear it doesn't even seem like GS reviewer likes RPGs let alone played one before this game.

anyway, after watching the trailer on the PS Blog. im very interested in this game.

Milky3336d ago

aww am I right in thinking this isnt coming to Europe (UK)? That would be really sad because it looks great.