Square Enix's PS3 Console Exclusive MMO

Gameplayer has received word on what one of the new games to be announced by Square Enix at E3 2009 and it is an MMO that's a console exclusive for the PS3. Details inside...

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SlappingOysters3338d ago

I just don't know, no matter how aweosome the developer might be, that I will ever get used to the idea of MMOs on consoles.

It just seems to slow and ponderous for couch gaming.

UltimateIdiot9113338d ago

Well for one thing, PS3 does support keyboard and mouse. Another is we already got a few MMO coming for the PS3.

SlappingOysters3338d ago

but there has been so many console MMOs in the wings this generation that have never been released, like Age of Conan.

I hope it is not an MMORPG at the very least, or that Pirates of teh Carribean MMO that just got semi-announced. Disney and Square have a relationship as we know.

Chris3993338d ago

Or an inside corporate joke.

SE and the PS3 are like Superman and Kryptonite. And after wasting the cash on Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant, I'd prefer that their relationship stay that way. And it's nothing against the 360 either, those games were an insult to ANY system (and yes they only "published" them, but publishing something is the same as putting your stamp of approval on it, they are just as guilty in the creation of those monstrosities as Tri Ace was). They should stick to portable titles, where they seem to not mess up as wretchedly.

Besides, Demon's Souls sh*ts all over SE's current catalog. And there are much more interesting JRPGs currently released and on the horizon than what they can offer - for me anyhow - no offense to whoever is still anticipating FF XIII.

I've already seen all the films in the Star Wars franchise, so I'm fairly familiar with how that title is going to pan out :)

iamtehpwn3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

That means...those 3 unannounced games and the new Final fantasy XIII media...........

hmmmmmmmmmm. :]
Sony's gonna have a good show :]

- Ghost of Sparta -3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

This means two new MMO's will be announced for the PS3 at E3.

velcry3338d ago

But SE's kinda like the bf/gf who has gone back on their word one too many times, such that you probably wouldn't want to pin too many hopes on their word.

I don't believe in the 'exclusivity'.

Megatron083338d ago

if you read the article it goes on to say that its not exclusive to the ps3. Making you wonder why the hell they titled it that way

HadeShade3338d ago

In fact, its still is. The first MMO I played i still think it is the best. It is the only Asian MMO to hit it big in the US.It has so many features that i believe should be standard in the MMO industry. (The best being job system, making a new char for each new class is dumb imo)

I for one do not care at all where the this games comes too. Even though I am PS3 fan (all though I own both systems), I would like to see this released in all platforms. Just like FFXI before it, where anyone in the world in any platform can play together(PC,PS2,PS3, AND 360), I would like to see as many ppl play the new SE MMO. I will be the next MMO that i really commit too.

Game13a13y3338d ago

this MMO sounds pretty sweet, if they don't charge any subscription fees like WOW, then i can see the potential of MMO on consoles.

hay3338d ago

Ah, so Rapture is finally going to be announced.

But looking at Square-Enix, PS3 and Exclusive in one sentence makes you wanna say: wadaf*ck?

Tony P3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

My bad, I totally glossed over PC somehow in 'console exclusive'. Now I've gone from surprise to mild eyebrow raising.

I wonder what the reason for passing over 360 is. They probably have a good one since they're about the only company with an MMO on a next gen console.

rob60213338d ago

@Tony P

I'm pretty sure the reason for 360 being left out is most 360 owners have the 20gb model, which is only 13gb or so in space usable, and who knows what MS actually lets companies use out of that. The age of conan devs were complaining about this issue somewhere before working on their 360 port - which is no where to be found yet. The fact of the matter is MMOs are huge games, constantly expanding and you don't want to be boxed into 12-13gb max for a game. FFXI already uses most of the space and since it was released on 360, the expansions we've seen are rehashes of old zones and new quests, with not really that much new content, possibly cause they don't have room on the 360 version. Sure 360 owners can upgrade, but paying 100 bucks then the cost of a full game (then monthly fees) is just ridiculous and no one would do it.

PS360WII3337d ago

I hear you slappy. MMO's on consoles just don't fit well inside my head. Luckily not all is lost as this is coming out on PC as well. Which when Rapture was first announced way back when it was for Vista and the hd consoles... guess they just dropped the 360 for this game. I say as long as it still gets a PC release all is well.

Christopher3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

They glossed over the 360 because not every 360 has a HDD and peripherals conducive to MMO gaming aren't readily available in comparison to the PS3. The most sold 360 bundle in the last year is the one with 256 MB of available space.

The aforementioned gloss over will surely be looked into once MS decides to give them some more money.

njr3337d ago

This is pretty much what they do after they release a couple of bombed exclusives on the 360. They'll keep going back and forth if their games keep sucking.

FamilyGuy3331d ago

This turned out to be true, somewhat

IT was FFXIV, and so that means it WAS leaked.

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Mucudadada3338d ago

My friend Soseki is going to have a gazam when he sees this...

Soseki3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Oh, dear...
I think I'm going to cry. Actually, I'll just squeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll llllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

qface643338d ago

square enix? ehm ps3 exclusive? something doesn't sound right here

Megaton3338d ago

SquareEnix... exclusive... PS3... does not compute. Wada must have mixed up where his underhanded moneybags came from.

The whole idea of MMO's on a console is pretty shaky, in my opinion. I've played them on PC, but I can't see myself grinding it out on my couch with a controller the way I would at my desk on a keyboard/mouse. The Agency is the only console MMO in the pipeline that I'm even remotely interested in, but of course I have no idea what this one will be like.

Sarcasm3338d ago

Wada might have yelled to one of the employees "Make our next-o MMO on the BESTo hardaware!" "Whichi one iz it Wada-san!?" "Youuu know whichi one it is!"

And so, the employee notes down PS3.

The End.

Chris Hansen3338d ago

I don't trust

SlappingOysters3338d ago

They were right about the Kojima annoucement the other day

cmrbe3338d ago

but Wada that i don't trust. After saying that FF13 is exclsuive for two years they suddenly change their minds.

I can never ever trust SE again, especially with Wada still around.

Christopher3337d ago

In general, I agree with Chris about not trust The majority of their articles are intended to incite flame wars between fanboys and those who like to incite flame wars for the heck of it. It's not that they can't get a few things right some of the time, but it's not like I go in trusting them because they got a few items right some of the time.

SlappingOysters3337d ago

I think there is maybe three or four n4gers who hang at the gameplayer site. They put up heaps more articles that never get above 10 or 20 degrees on this site, but as soon as a couple of people on here start a flame war often when there isn't one implied it goes to the top of the site and that is all you see. So it looks like every article is a flame starter, when in truth there is one in every 10 articles which is controversial and the n4g guys turn it into a flame war.

Classioc example was the Red Faction Guerrilla review from yesterday which was the first on the Net and it only went to 130 degrees.

Anyway that is why I tend to trust them, because 90% of their articles you never see.

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