New Call of Duty World At War Trophies Revealed

Yes, if you haven't already found out, I suggest you compare your trophies with someone that has the game too and look at the new trophies for the upcoming Map Pack 2 DLC! This will be exciting and bring in more people to play the online and yes they are online trophies, but some can be done by yourself!

So here's the rundown...

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mrv3213368d ago

Isn't it strange that they are adding trophies for things you CAN ALLREADY DO.

Silver Trophy - Soul Survivor - Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived.

So why is it exclusive to map pack 2, oh wait that's right this is a devloper which used another games engine barely add anything new with as side from a short campaign and a BORING co-op mode. As side from zombies of course.

Let's just see what Insomniac added to Resistance 2 from Reistance fall of man

Online co-op with 8 players.
A whole new online
New camera skills for singleplayer.
New story
New enemies
New weapons
Split-screen online
New clan system
New party system
Increased online players from 40 to 60

Compare that to COD WAW... and you'll find that you b asically bought a LARGE expansion for COD 4. They couldn't even add a clan system or improve the online quality. Thanks for the support treyarch. Thank you very much for what can best be lackluster game.

HardcoreGamer193368d ago

Any call of duty is better then resistance, Hell I enjoyed playing cod2 more than resistance. The new COD(MW2)will owned every game out there.