X-Play: inFamous Review

X-Play writes: "inFamous will draw a lot of comparisons to other games of the sandbox type, and Crackdown in particular. Thanks to a more structured presentation and vastly more variety in gameplay, Crackdown may have to hand over the superbeing sandbox crown to Sucker Punch. Combining the freedom of Crackdown with the tight design and platforming of Sly Cooper, inFamous isn't just a great game, it's the best reason yet to own a PlayStation 3".

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Nightfallen3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

I just watched it on X-Play, they REALLY liked it. Can't wait to get my PS3 back from Sony.

BulletToothtony3369d ago

even with killzone she said some silly un-needed things...

And once in a while when i watch g4 her commercial of how bluray is not needed is so stupid..

Oh well.. gonna have to buy yet another game..

sonarus3369d ago

She is a huge sucker punch fan and she has said it before. Loving infamous so far but its not perfect. Lots of room for improvement. The story is ace, the gameplay is fantastic but there are a few repetitive missions. Then the graphics simply don't do enough and there is a lot of pop in. Doesn't take enough advantage of the PS3 imo.

Great game though but room for improvement

raztad3369d ago

From the demo is clear SP is still not skilled enough to put the PS3 in good use. However to be their first PS3 game it is a big achievement (literally). I guess they were more concerned about the physics, particle effects, right climbing mechanics than textures and overall visual fidelity. In any case, there is room for improvement, and sure we will see them in the next sequel :D

thebudgetgamer3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

game informer 9/10
x-play 5/5

i was going to buy it anyways this just cements it.

:) morgan webb is my gaming godess. fangirl or not she just does it for me.

Why o why3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

yep, yep....yep, yep and yep
totally agree.

4 blast shards left, yes 346/350. doing my effin nut

Chris3993369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

How far off into the horizon are you folks looking? And I'm not being smarmy, I'm serious. I honestly can't see any pop-in and I'm like 6 hours into the game.

For a sandbox game the detail is phenomenal. Most of the textures are great to look at and the action is fast and fluid. It plays like a movie, if that makes sense. And not in the (beautiful) way that Heavenly Sword did, passively, that is, but actively. The script and characters are brilliantly done as well.

I'm very, very impressed and I'm not the biggest fan of sandbox games. inFamous has really surprised me.

Edit: A hearty LOL at the phantoms/ disagree troll-spawn who have been haunting inFamous posts all day :) Seriously, get a life, a girlfriend, or, well, a video game. Play it an begone with ye. Leave the gaming for the gamers and go join a hate group somewhere.

The greatest irony is in how you phantoms/ trolls are disagreeing WITH SOMEONE'S PERSONAL ENJOYMENT OF THE GAME. Statements like: "inFamous is one of the best game I've ever played!"

Not only is that impossible, it just makes you trolls look confused as to how the English language works. At least go to school, nothing is worse that an uneducated troll.

Anyhoo, off to play inFamous then off to bed! Peace.

deadreckoning6663369d ago

I expected a 5, but for them to say best game of 09' so far was surprising! Prototype has got it's work cut out for it. Either way Im gettin both. :D

Bathyj3369d ago

Remember, it is Sucker Punch's first PS3 game.

What was EA or Ubisoft's first PS3 game like.

I think they've done well.

BattleAxe3369d ago

I'm definately going to pick this game up within the next week or 2. I've been really pleased to see all of the great reviews this game has been getting.

JoySticksFTW3369d ago

NOTHING controls like inFamous. I simply cannot believe how you can just tear across the cityscape and rooftops like that.

There's no sketchy / iffy "er... am I gonna make this jump" moments of fear and frustration. Just beautiful, effortless Spider-man / bad guy that 007 chased at the beginning of Casino Royale like movement and controls...

I have never played a game that allows that advanced type movement at such a fluid, lightning pace. Absolutely stunning...

And the Gigawatt blade downloads are active now, btw. No waiting until 6/2.

Just make sure you install and get to a point where you first use your powers, save the game, AND THEN download the blades.

Enjoy! :D

antt33369d ago

"If you have a PS3 and don't play this game, you're dumb."

Right on.

Lifendz3369d ago

Took away a whole 6 hours of inFAMOUS. I tried to play with her here but it just didn't work out. Oh well. Great review. Back to playing I go.

Jinxstar3369d ago

Too many people are giving this games looks flak... For an amazingly detailed open world game tell me what rivials it in terms of graphics. pop in or not. Nothing i have seen. Crackdown, GTA4 all were way buggier than this game.

theEnemy3369d ago

out of 5.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3369d ago

This is the best looking OPEN WORLD game ever. Prototype, just cause, gta4, saints row and crackdown hold no candles to this one. Details? Well find something better from a technical standpoint, not just graphically, and then you can talk as if you knew anything about sandbox game development. till' then, get bent.

Sarcasm3369d ago

""Let me hold that explosive package"-Morgan

Sure thing

*unzips* ;) "

Don't forget to bring a towel to wipe my cream off her face


phosphor1123369d ago

Link provided...

You'll face palm so hard...

solideagle13369d ago

Metacritic added 7/10 and Teletext GameCentral's 6/10. what the hell is going on?? meta critic is biased??


Cyrax_873369d ago

Why not? I thought X-play was credible...

pain777pas3369d ago

Just getting ready to play this all night. I have to download all my PS1 games to my new memory card. Cant wait to just relax and start playing this masterpiece. However I have to cut down on my purchases I just got Sacred and am only on level 25 LOL. I need a crew to join in too some bosses are getting hard.

phosphor1123369d ago

Morgan Webb doesn't know anything about guys.

paraphrasing her
"3 types of gamers"
---fantasy gamers = romantic

---competitive players (ala shooters) = a man fighting something within him (wtf?)

---and sports gamers (someone wishing they were important/superstar)

Are you serious Morgan? Are you that thick? Howabout we can play games for fun. Ever cross your mind?

Watch the link and you will see how "smart" she really is. I mean, I like the perfect score she gave, i'm just sayin, shes pretty dumb. Its probably that manjaw.

iHEARTboobs3369d ago

lol, that was really retarded. That does deserve a facepalm.

theEnemy3369d ago

She's a girl.

Nuff' said.


jammy_703369d ago

i bet this doesnt go on meta....

SL1M DADDY3369d ago

Metacritic is bias. Just look at the many obscure websites that pop in with their lousy review and low scores for some of the top level PS3 games and yet no such obscure sites review 360 games and are rarely seen posting any review for Ninty or MS. Sorry, but if you believe that Metacritic is not bias and is just a collection of legit reviews, then you too must believe that there are no fanboys on N4G. Ignorance is bliss.

GameGambits3369d ago

OMG watched that Tyra Banks episode with Morgan Webb on it that someone posted a link to.

I've never been so horror stricken in my entire life. Is this seriously how mentally handicapped the world is turning into for the media? I don't watch jack crap on TV anymore, but WOW I 100% understand why Osama wants to bomb the crap out of other countries now after watching that.

My IQ dropped so much I don't know how I'll ever get it back now. I'm going to go cut my wrists now. :(

callahan093369d ago

Yeah, seriously. Meta put up all those 7's and that 6 from TeleText in an instant. The moment I saw those scores for the first time, I went to Meta, and they were there already. Same with a bunch of other no-name sites that gave it various scores. It's already the morning after G4 published their review, and it's STILL not on Meta. They're taking their sweet ass time with this one, aren't they.

Also, I know they claim to put different weight on different sources, but I don't think they do this to enough of an extreme. I mean, the big ones are obviously: G4, Game Informer, IGN, GameSpot, and Game Trailers. Those are the big 5, they should hold significantly more weight than, say, or BigPond Game Arena. But I don't really think they do. I mean, an 8 comes in from BigPond Game Arena and its enough to set the average down from an 86 to an 85. So I fully expect that when that 100 finally gets added from X-Play, it goes up at least back to that 86, and if it doesn't then they've got some serious problem with the way they're weighing their sources.

Anyway, Metacritic is pathetic. Why am I going to give a crap what 45 small-time, usually pretentious websites think of a game when I can look at the big 5, or for that matter just one ONE OR TWO INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE who I often agree with, and check their specific opinions on games. I can go to a message board and talk to people who actually spent their money on a game and get to the bottom of the matter as concerns whether that game is going to be worth it for ME.

Metacritic... Psssh.

Christopher3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Wish they had done a more thorough review, though. What type of missions did they play? How was the combat other than you blow sh*t up?

I got it yesterday and played it for a while and I'm enjoying it a ton. But, even with my little time of playing it I could give a more informative review than what they just provided.

hazeblaze3368d ago

Did you all hear that last comment.... "If you own a PS3 and don't play inFamous, you're dumb"... that was CLASSIC.

And kind of true... MGS4, Uncharted, & Mass Effect are still my favorite game of the generation so far. I haven't finished inFamous yet, but it is already the funnest game I've played this entire gen!!! It's pretty awesome. It's not perfect... like so many ppl have said, but it is freakin awesome. Easily the best hero/villain game to ever come out.

callahan093368d ago

Seriously, what is going on with MetaCritic? They removed G4 TV / X-Play from their list of sources, and yet they keep on total crap like Teletext GameCentral?

Has anybody here even been to Teletext GameCentral's website? I checked it out. You can't explore the site's reviews. The only review you can get to from a direct link on their own site is their latest (which is currently Guitar Hero: Metallica, which they that they rated unfairly low, of course). You can't even get a link to the inFamous review from their site. What the hell is that about? What an absolute joke of a web site. The archive is useless, the layout is horrible, and there's no way to access any of their content.

Not only that, but their inFamous review was riddled with factual errors, and it was horribly written with new paragraph breaks for nearly every sentence, grammar errors all over the place, and other English compositional mistakes.

OK. So that absolutely rubbish source is still counted on MetaCritic, but G4 TV / X-Play is not. It's no longer listed in their "How did we calculate this?" listing of sources. None of their recent reviews for games have been average in for any of the respective games. It's just insane.

phosphor1123368d ago

Scores they refused, ALL of which are more credible than their BS list. Proof of their BS as well.

X Play - 5/5
Playstation LifeStyle - 5/5
British Gaming - 4/4
Tech Gaming - A/A+
UGO - A/A+
PolarityGamers - 9.3/10
PS3Center - 9.3/10
PC World - 90/100
Electric Playground 9/10
Eurogamer Italy - 8/10
Game Revolution - B+/A+
PS3 Attitude (read for score)
Kotaku (read for score)

TheTwelve3368d ago

This game is basically HD crack, it's so addictive.


Yokan3368d ago

Yeah it really is the best looking open world game, its hands down better looking than Prototype.

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Beg For Mercy3369d ago


Why dis3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Probably 8.3 in the end. BOTS?

lokiroo4203369d ago

whydis getting more and more desperate by the day, ill just sit back with my ps3 and laugh as i watch you crumble to your knees and cry.

thebudgetgamer3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

what else are you going to do when all you have is multi-plats and metacritic.

:) edit: obama but teh sales

TheColbertinator3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

"Let me hold that explosive package"-Morgan

Sure thing

*unzips* ;)

Obama3369d ago

Why dis, Halo Wars got a 8.2, so I guess it's a big failure?

Shadow Man3369d ago

Obama trying to be a saint. You hate everything 360 related.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3369d ago

I care more about the fact that this game is:

-Huge Sandbox city
-Lots of freedom in terms of gameplay
-Gritty apocalyptic storyline
-Versatility of use for electric powers
-The fun platforming elements that made Sly great
-Morality System
-Incredible physics and animation
-Best looking open world game ever
-Bundled with Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta

All in one package. Sucker punch is taking the best of the games Fable 2, Star Wars the Force unleashed, Grand Theft Auto 4, Watchmen/Sin City, and Sly, and and morons like "Why Dis"/"i did not murder him" reduce this game to a number: 8.3. Good job, dipsh1ts, you give gaming a bad name.

I don't remember watching any movies just because they were overrated by critics, and I don't remember missing any movies because critics slammed them. Xbox fanboys are sh1tting all over gaming and turning it into a moronic Halofest.

likedamaster3369d ago

"-Huge Sandbox city
-Lots of freedom in terms of gameplay
-Gritty apocalyptic storyline
-Versatility of use for electric powers
-The fun platforming elements that made Sly great
-Morality System
-Incredible physics and animation
-Best looking open world game ever
-Bundled with Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta"

-Can't drive vehicles
-Can't hold/shoot weapons

To be fair, what's most important is how "fun" the game actually is.

cryymoar3369d ago

in the game, cole makes it clear why he cannot drive or use guns.
-Gas tank will explode upon entrance
-bullets will explode upon touching the gun because of the gun powder

and besides, who wants to shoot a gun when they have electrical super powers???
Does Spiderman use a gun? Does Batman use a gun? Do any of the big super heroes ever use a gun? No.

Also, why drive a vehicle when you can climb anything, then grind on power cables, gaining tons of speed, then jumping off at the peak and using your static glide ability? You can even grind on the monorail tracks. Infamous is sooo fun!

talltony3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

This game is awesome and it definitely gets my seal of approval. This game is awesome end of story. If you like cool open world games then youll love INFAMOUS!

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raztad3369d ago

It seems most major internet sites are prasing this gem. Just a few like gameradar and eurolamers arent. It's OK. Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion, but now I can't trust those guys for reviews, they obviously dont share my tastes (the same applies to Edge after KZ2). My inFAMOUS is about to arrive home, I guess upcoming friday will be on my hands. This weekend will be famous and inFAMOUS :D

APOFISBORICUA3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

.. and this game could probrably average a 90 or 89. Unfortunately we cant. Its their opinion ( even if I think is a biased one). For me the only thing that matters is that more than 90 % of the reviews are 80 plus. So I cant give much importance to just a few bad reviews. Wow if I were to give those sites credit I would have missed some of the most fun filled and fine gaming experiences on both the 360 and PS3...specially the Playstation 3!!


The Lazy One3369d ago

to get an idea of how a game plays, you're just dumb. You should look at all the good and all the bad things about a game. Don't just look at the number either, actually read them.

Just because it wasn't their game doesn't mean they might not like another game for the same reasons you do. Maybe they just absolutely hate repetitive missions, which u can deal with in an open world. Maybe they just never got into the style of the game. You don't know. It's no reason to write them off for eternity.

Not to mention they have teams of reviewers each with their own tastes.

Trebius3369d ago

You're absolutely right. First thing I do when I look at a game's reviews on metacritic is actually start from bottom then go up. I like to read the BAD reviews and see what the haters are saying first and foremost. It's always good to know what BAD things people are saying about a game, just like if you were buying a car, you can say it gets the best mileage, the smoothest ride, most customizeable, and go buy it, but didnt realize it has a 33% chance of exploding! Gotta read the bad reviews! (if there are any)

raztad3369d ago


Not sure if you are talking to me, but I stand my point. We might have different tastes (criteria), but if some game in certain genre is a 6 for you and 9 for me based on, IMO, wrong reasons (minor or non existent flaws). I just cant trust you anymore at judging games. I still can give to your opinion a look, but I'll do it knowing your were totally off before.

The Lazy One3369d ago

One review should not discredit a site. Each site has dozens of reviewers. Just because one of them doesn't agree with your tastes on an individual game you've never played in a very specific genre that's only got a handful of decent games in it already doesn't mean he's going to differ in opinion with you in other genres or on other games.

If you discredit sites so easily, the only site you'll be able to trust in the end is your blog, as you'll turn to writing one after finding no other site fits your taste.

raztad3369d ago

I got your point, and you are partially right. People can get it wrong making a review, but you know when certain review is totally off for the wrong reasons you loss confidence on that site.

Look at Crimson Saga (traditional turn based rpg). It got, 8.x from IGN and 8.y from RPGfan, at the same time Gamespot gave it 5/10. Gamespot and the other makes contradictory point, for example story quality, but the central point is that Gamespot just doesnt like turn based combat and grinding. If I enjoy traditional turn based rpgs, gamespot review could mislead me to skip this game. So from now on, Gamespot cant be taken very seriously when judging a traditional turn based rpg game. That is my point.

The Lazy One3369d ago

If you look at gamespot, which u brought up, they have a lot of reviewers. Because one of them didn't like it, doesn't mean they all don't. And they rated dragon quest VIII a 9, so they must really like all turn based rpgs then right?

I checked 6 of their recent 360 reviews, and there were 5 authors. 5 authors in 6 games of one of seven sections of their website. I'm sure all their reviewers have exactly the same opinion about everything.

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MetalGearBear 3369d ago

if u want infamous so bad!!!

deadreckoning6663369d ago

why do u copy and paste the same comment in any INFAMOUS related article?

krouse933369d ago

I got inFAMOUS yesterday and have been playing it non stop. It is a truly amazing game I recomend everyone buy it.