Thunderbolt Games: inFamous Review

Terence Gage, Thunderbolt Games: "Though it may not seem it, superhero adventure inFamous isn't such a huge leap from its Sly Cooper cutesy platformer predecessors as it first appears. Like fellow Stateside Sony developers Naughty Dog and Insomniac, Sucker Punch have eschewed the cartoony nature of their PS2 work to focus on a more mature premise with a dark comic book inspired superhero tale, replete with betrayals, vengeance and redemption.

The crux of inFamous is protagonist Cole, an everyday courier who is caught at the epicentre of a catastrophic explosion which destroys part of Empire City and kills thousands, but gives him superhuman powers as a result. He attains the ability to control and command electricity, making him a walking conduit with the power to become the city's protector or its destroyer. In the days and weeks after the explosion, a plague breaks out in the city prompting the government to quarantine it, and as the limited authorities within its boundaries fall apart vicious and well-equipped gangs take control and plunge the city ever further into chaos."

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Why dis3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

" Cons: Graphics are a bit rough "

Nicely put of course^^

I agree please don't attack me for it. I have the right to comment I have the demo on my HDD.

krouse933371d ago


but seriously this game is amazing I really don;t see any real problems a person could have with it I have been having a blast playing this game non stop.

lokiroo4203371d ago

So you havent played the game then, you fail once again.

Baba19063371d ago

the game is really really awesome. its the first open world game that you feel you are in a open world but at the same time it has a story, platforming and hardcore action all the time.

OGharryjoysticks3370d ago

Infamous is so crazy it's scary. Too bad they aren't going to have any DLC. I hate DLC with a passion, but if they could patch a game-mode somewhat like Mirror's Edge where it's like a race between 2 people online from one end to the other while being shot at. Man, I don't know about you but that would be enough to make the game an all-time great.