The Portable Gamer Review: Slay for iPhone

TPG writes: "Anyone who played PC games back in the 1990's probably remembers those old discs with a ton of shareware games for you to play and mostly ignore. One such game on those discs that engrossed me was Slay, a basic turn-based strategy game that had me hooked back on my first Windows 95 computer. I thought the game was lost to history, until I recently discovered that the game had been ported to the iPhone, and I got a chance to finally enjoy the full version of this classic game.

Slay can be best described as the Checkers of turn-based strategy games. This isn't a slight against the game, it's just a good analogy for how the game plays compared to other turn-based strategy games in terms of the complexity."

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Spolodaface3408d ago

Looks interesting.

Obscure game remakres FTW?!!

supercharger51503408d ago

Glad to see it was an enjoyed port- not just some crappy remake. Some of them are hit or miss.

roblef3408d ago

Yeah, crappy remakes = FAIL

CrAppleton3408d ago

Yeah.. agreed.. remakes can be great! But if they're poorly done.. then it's better to be left alone

wondroushippo3407d ago

This one at least had the original developer working on the port. I was surprised when I found out that it had come out for the iPhone, I was doing a random search of the App Store, and it came up all of a sudden. I was quite impressed.

roblef3408d ago

I'm digging all these old games bought to the present. Like Myst. I mean, MYST! Myst rocked. I wonder if Slay rocks. This guy seems to think so.