Rumor: Mass Layoffs Hit Bionic Commando Developer GRIN

Kotaku writes: "Sweden-based game developer GRIN is said to be the latest game studio hit by cutbacks, as multiple sources have told Kotaku that the Bionic Commando and Terminator: Salvation has laid off more than 100 staffers".

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qface643097d ago

shouldn't have worked on bionic commando tsk tsk tsk

ASSASSYN 36o3097d ago

Bionic commando was horrific. The multiplayer demo was a joke of epic proportions.

Gr813097d ago

Bites the dust. HD devs are just one flop away..

Th3 Chr0nic3096d ago

thats what they get for releasing that crap. ruined bionic commando they did. i liked wanted though, not the best game but it was fun.