More New Screenshots for Dragonball Raging Blast

Xbox Evolved writes:

"DBZ fans drool as we have about four new mouth watering screenshots to show you all for Raging Blast. Did I mention HD?"

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AridSpider3337d ago

Cannot WAIT for this game. Although I must say I did want a Burst Limit 2 more. And whats with those crappy environments. I'm sure its still in it's early stages though.

Blaze9293337d ago

I agree on those environments. Hopefully Spike really blows us away with gameplay videos and the game when it nears going gold. Maybe they are pulling a Call of Duty now. So maybe you can get your Burst Limit 2 next year.

qface643337d ago

if anyone is seriously expecting big things from this game just wow i mean offense but its just gonna be another dragon ball fighting game nothing special

don't get me wrong dragon ball is my second favorite anime series around but its just another fighting one with less characters than the previous version .___.

i still like the dragon ball games but i honestly prefer the adventure ones like dragon ball origins

Blaze9293337d ago

i dont think anyone is expecting BIG THINGS, its a DBZ game come on now lol. But it should be fun. Me personally I just wanted a Tenkaichi 4 on the now current gen systems to see how it would be. Once this comes out im done with this endless cycle of DBZ games....unless they get a adventure game doing like Sagas only 100000000000000000000000000000 x better.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3337d ago

Looks like mooching off my parents isn't gonna be enough to cover my gaming expenses this year.

Jamegohanssj53337d ago

God fricking Jesus I hate Spike. Hopefully Burst Limits 2 comes out next year seeing as they would have time to make the ultimate game.