WoW Druids: Night Elf Update

Blizzard has revealed the latest updated graphics to hit World of Warcraft.

People who play Tauren Druids in WoW were treated to a sneak peak of the new graphics for their characters in Bear form earlier today, and now Blizzard has revealed the Night Elf counterpart. Since the upgrade, the two races are more clearly defined, with much higher graphic quality.

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Maticus3310d ago

Wow, they're awesome. Can't wait to see the cat versions!

Fyzzu3310d ago

Any in the works for the forms that aren't cat or bear? Well, tree, at least. I don't really see the point in rejigging swimming form.

ehkinoh3310d ago

I did play right when WotLK came out, got a lvl 80DK and a 74 Drood...

Good to see this finally get done. I've always thought that the druid forms were due for an upgrade (especially the Cat/Bear forms).

Malfurion3310d ago

Druids FTW! Thanks for finally doing this Blizzard!

Leord3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I think it's just surprising this didn't happen a long long time ago :)

BYE3310d ago

I quit WoW a long time ago but this looks interesting. My druid should still be alive so I just might go back do a little tanking besides playing Street Fighter soon...