Mirrors Edge 2D On iPhone - Lets Make It Happen

AppGamer writes "Have you played the 2D Mirror's Edge flash game? If not you are missing one of the best platform games of recent memory. The animation is silky smooth, the level designs are perfectly tuned - you can sprint through them creating fluid runs or you can explore the city's verticality for the numerous hidden satchels..."

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OgTheClever3285d ago

The 2D flash game was crap compared to the real version so I don't really see the iPhone missing out on much.

Blaze9293285d ago

your not supposed to compare it to the real one. Obviously if so, it would be some crap. But as a regular 2D game it was quite fun....for like 5 minutes. I wouldnt mind having it on my iphone but knowing EA, not for $9.99.

Vol3285d ago

I could play this for a long time. Love the animations!

Jamin3285d ago

EA are surely onto a winner if they do choose to release this. The name Mirrors Edge alone will shift copies, regardless of it's quality. Which, based on what I've played of the 2D version already, is awesome anyways.

Fingers crossed.

Agheil3285d ago

plz bring it 2 the iphone/ipod

f7897903285d ago

It would be just another platformer.

CitricP3285d ago

Did you even read the article and PLAY the 2D version? Your comment is written as if the game doesnt exist yet which suggests you didn't even read it before commenting.