New Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Gameplay

A new, pre-E3 video for upcoming milsim Operation Flashpoint 2.

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swiftshot933404d ago

I watched the exact same video as you did. How the hell you came up with the conclusion that this looks better than KZ2 is simply out of my mind. How? I mean every single aspect (character models, lighting, post processing effects, particle effects, animation etc..) looks inferior to KZ2.

You're seriously the most blind fanboy on this website. Right up there with nasim, omega, and mooks.

Why dis3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Because it does and people that has had hands on with it know its a milestone. Also you're a fanatical fanboy thats part of SDF so you see things the way that suits your agenda.

Nasim? you are nasim he likes to attack people for saying things about anything related to PS3 in a seemingly negative light. If KZ2 was on the 360 I would say the same thing.

You're seriously the most blind fanboy on this website. Right up there with nasim, Microsoft xbox 360, The General, xwabbit, OmarJA, morganfell, Sarcasm , DJ, Obama and the rest of the %90 of the members.

It ass humps KZ2's cartoony visuals with realism not seen in most games.

3404d ago
Beg For Mercy3404d ago

silly rabbit tricks are for kids, i gurantee it wont habe the lighting the animation the particle effects the hit response system like killzone2 so try again fanboy.

swiftshot933404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Ok first of all:

Xbox LIVE Gamertag: swiftserve
PSN: swiftshot93
Wii code/number (whatever): 6764 8286 5267 0784

An just LOL @ accusing me of multiple accounts. Thats OK. The thing is we both now that you are indeed a multi account user with the user names I mentioned, and we also both know that you are lying to yourself when you say that this game looks better than KZ2. Its all good.

"in a seemingly negative light."
really. Your comment history on all three of your accounts is in front of me buddy, you constantly attack the PS3, and then cry about PS3 fanboys.

"If KZ2 was on the 360 I would say the same thing."
100% Bullshit. Again, your lying here.

Bigbangbing3404d ago

this looks like Killzone? !!

LOL, some choppy Animations with 90's graphics is no where near to be something like killzone, please watch another videos before you say something like that.

RememberThe3573404d ago

I was just about to comment about how this game is so pretty and how I would love to get my ass handed to me when it comes out. Then you make a bumbshit comment like that... This game looks great, but it is not even close to what Killzone 2 did visually.

Hopefully it will be better then Killzone 2, that would make it one seriously kickass game.

bjornbear3404d ago

KZ3 =P why? because it has guns? because its an FPS? because it looks better than anything on xbox? (nah kidding it really doesn't xD)

Unless you ever even played Flashpoint the original, refrain from giving brash silly comments like that. Its another world from your Modern Warfares, your Halos and your Killzone's (all great games).

Flashpoint is by far the most intense and challenging war FPS i've ever played and i hope this one wasn't simplified any more than necessary for consoles!

Operation Flashpoint is BACK =D

Why Dis 73404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

WOW!!! nasim is out with his multiple accounts to attack me lol!!!!!

Face it blind PS3 fanboys this game is better then Killzone 2 visually and there's nothing you can do so cry in the open zone ---> where you belong.

Random_Gumby3404d ago

Unfort the game is looking pretty average. textures are not that big a leap from the last, draw distance will be hindered by hardware and console team play will be limited by the controllers. Bargain bin buy at best! Deff not a KZ killer, sorry.

Tarasque3403d ago

Well i never thought killzone 2 looked all that great anywho, and it runs like sh1t. But it was a good single player experience. But operation flashpoint 2 will be miles better far as gameplay and scale and sheer fun. I could care less if it looked like a NES game. I loved the original game, and i am sure i will love this next title.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3403d ago

Killzone has a whole lot more effects and things going on on screen, including amount of lights, than this game, and you can see it any time on the game. The vegetation looks pretty on OF2, but there's no vegetation on Killzone 2 so I can't say which has the better vegetation. The guns certainly look nice but not better than they do so on killzone 2.

Maybe the tanks look better than they do on Killzone 2. :)

osamaq3403d ago

you should consider that Flashpoint is an open world, killzone 2 is not.

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ASSASSYN 36o3404d ago

Looks great can't wait for this gem!

free2game3653404d ago

I don't know, the more I see about this, the more it just seems like a second rate tactical shooter when you compare it to ArmA 2.

Mr Face Creamer3404d ago

Guess the staff must have really gone insane lol!

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