TAITO announces six classics for WiiWare and Nintendo DS

TAITO announced today that it is bringing six addictively fun, classic titles to Nintendo's WiiWare service and Nintendo DS in the coming months. Some of which we already knew about, some new.

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Cajun Chicken3279d ago

Eyyyy, Bust A Move and Arkanoid...niiiicce...

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3279d ago

I WANT Bubble Bobble + Rainbow Islands on the PS3!!! ;-P (Original Versions tho)

2 of my Favourite Games EVER!!! ;-P

+ I got off the Japanese PSN Store the other week 'Space Invaders'!!! ;-D

I LOVE Taito games. I hope they bring out a 'Taito Legends 3' for the PS3 and stick every game on it!!! ;-P