Console Monster: Yosumin Live Review

Console Monster writes: "We can all admit that the 'match-up' puzzle game market is pretty saturated right now, but that's not to say you should stop paying attention. Yosumin LIVE is an arcade port of the browser based web game Yosumin, which originally released on Japanese web game website @nifty - later releasing on the Nintendo DS only in Japan. It's a simple 'make four ends meet' puzzler with an extremely cute after taste to keep you amused.

Rather than knocking off Bejewelled completely, Yosumin LIVE works by observing a grid rather than influencing it. You observe pieces and then connect them up. Each corner must match with the same Yosumin shape, and by creating a square or rectangle you remove them from the grid, which then spawns more shapes to work with. You are timed though, so you can't just sit back and look forever. There are no unlocks or levels however, the game is about racking up a high score and matching up as quickly as possible..."

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Rob Rymond3405d ago

Looks interesting, not sure of a purchase though.