Console Monster: Wallace & Gromits in Fright of the Bumblebee Review

Console Monster writes: "On rare occasions, video games have been based on television programmes with already-established fan bases. Take the recent: "The Simpsons Game" for example. Whilst it released close to The Simpsons Movie, it was an entirely new game, with storylines that Simpsons' fans will not have witnessed before. The latest title to come from this diminutive genre is Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures. The game is the first of four episodes revealed last year by Telltale Games, who had obtained the right to release the series on the PC and the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

The first episode, titled Fright of the Bumblebees, sees Wallace and Gromit producing 50 gallons of honey for the tea and crumpet festival - how very British - to pay off their debt caused by one of Wallace's crazy conceptions, though the amount seems too much for the pair's bees to handle unless they can obtain enough flowers. Fortunately, Wallace comes up with a formula to increase the growth rate of some seeds, inspired by a muscle formula advertised on a leaflet he got through the letterbox. Being Wallace and Gromit, it was never going to be smooth-sailing and in growing the flowers, Wallace also grew the bees, causing unrest on West Wallaby Street..."

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