HardGame2 reviews inFamous writes: "infamous is a big game that all holders of a PlayStation 3 must have. It is awful that not reach higher due to the lack of a wider variety of missions and one does not buy the argument that interest could expect from it, but that does not detract for all he has achieved".

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Batusai3372d ago

Prototype will be a better game than inFamous. I am sure.

Blaze9293372d ago

and everyone is entitled to their personal opinion.

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TheHater3372d ago

report Why dis comments as spam. It is very clear that he/she/it has lost his/her/it mind. Why Dis do everyone a favor and take a vacation or something because it is very clear that you can't handle PS3 games getting good reviews or good press.

If you are a PS3 owner you can get both. If you aren't a PS3 owner, then well Prototype is your only option.

Why dis3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Stay on topic.

When I play the demo on my PS3 there is no way in hell this game is a 9.
I read things like this "game looks amazing"etc from lots of reviews when its one of the worse looking open world games I'v ever seen.

Grow up kids.

KZ2 got high scores but sold poorly and this game will not score as well but sell a lot. http://community.codemaster...

butterfinger3372d ago

beating inFAMOUS for the second time (once as good, once as evil), and I have to say that Prototype will have to be absolutely amazing in order to top what Sucker Punch has done.

TheHater3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Base on your comments history, I highly dough that you own a PS3. However, since I am not the type that judge whether you own a PS3 or not. I have to disagree with you on inFamous graphics. I actually think it is one of the best looking open world video game out there.

Why should I say on topic when you went off topic to begin with? Maybe you should have stayed on topic and not introduce Sony or Microsoft into the discussion.

@@Why dis
It is really pointless to have a discussion with you when you clearly made your mind up already.

OmarJA3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

What the hell are you talking about ?

This guy\girl has some serious issues, he\she claimed to own a PS3 yet he has never praised it titles...

How people call M$ MSFT ? check out his\her other accounts...

"Grow up kids"

The irony.

raztad3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

@Why Troll

What happened to "gameplay > graphics" argument you 360 fans love so much? I guess it only applies when ps3 exclusive visuals are blatantly superior to your games.

It's unbelievable you trying to convince PS3 owners (the ones spoiled by KZ2 visuals) that this game is not good cause "teh graphix". Give it a rest buddy. If you dont like the game it's cool, but dont come here LOLing at IGN, NZgamer, and a lot of other sites that gave inFAMOUs a well deserved score, because some nobody sites (teletext, telegraph, etc) seem to agree with you.

inFAMOUS is an AWESOME game. AAA quality. I just hope SP is working on its sequel.

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