Early Famitsu Sales: 05/18 - 05/24

DSi 31000
PSP 28000
Wii 14000
PS3 9100
360 4800
PS2 4700
DSL 4400

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RememberThe3573123d ago

Maybe, now this is just a theory, maybe Japanese gamers want some new games?

All-33123d ago

Funny - Japanese buyers weren't waiting for post-E3 PS3 purchases in April of 2009.... when n4g was full of posts about the PS3 dominating Japanese hardware sales...

Chris3993124d ago

Keeps those portable JRPGs rolling in though, I guess. Suits me just fine.

Claudinho693124d ago

people are waiting to buy Sony consoles after e3 announcements i bet

Smacktard3123d ago

...Why specifically Sony consoles? That's a bit fanboyish.

Claudinho693123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

um because there is strong rumors everyday for the past months of new ps3 SKUs, ex:new psp, ps3 price drop, ps3 slim, etc...

still too fanboyish for you?

RememberThe3573123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

You didn't think about that before you said it, did you?

SL1M DADDY3123d ago

It's Japan. What, did you expect somebody to defend the low Xbox 360 sales in the same manner? Even if they were announcing something new and cool for MS, Japan will have little to do with the 360. Now, the Wii numbers are not so surprising since they have been on the down swing for the past couple months. It would seem that the Wii fad is coming to a slow period in Japan. Perhaps they need a price cut?

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xaviertooth3123d ago

microsoft themselves keep buying their consoles in japan!

Danja3123d ago

lol I find it funny , the 360 is competing with the PS2 still...

fredy3123d ago

ps2>ps3 in the strongest market.

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