Capcom releases one more hint for their E3 title

Capcom has been teasing their fans for the past couple of days, releasing hints here and there regarding their secret E3 game. The company is at it once again today and has dropped off another hint.

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Nambassa3408d ago

god, hints bug me.... why can't they just tell us??! but this doesn't even matter cos i don't hav a wii..... lol

Blaze9293408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Enough with these hints crap and just reveal the game. Capcom needs to stop copying off Kojima. But oh so true, if its a Wii title they can keep giving hints till 2020 for all i care.

N4g_null3408d ago

LOL wanna be kojimas really? Really you are getting a PSP+PS3 game with linked play, that is so GC. I mean capcom makes action games not hide and seek games. I like kojima art team but his game play sucks. Have fun hiding in the dark.

Capcom is doing just fine in my book and kojima is only on the radar when it comes to awards, no one is trying to copy him. You have to wonder why he is even hinting any thing any way we all know SONY is bank rolling the project like it is halo or some thing. Halo isn't that good either but at least it sold consoles.

I hope this is a strider game or better yet a zone of ender type of game for the Wii since kojima will not make it LOL.

Seferoth753408d ago

@blaze929, It's already been known that it is indeed a Wii game. They said weeks ago they had 9 games for Wii this year. They have announced 8 of them. Only one left and its this game.

Trebius3408d ago

I mean...whats there not to like...? You can choose to hide and seek, or you can kill everyone...its not like you're limited to just sneaking. (in some parts yes)

O each their own.

On topic: Hope Capcom doesnt disappoint me again.

DMasta7183408d ago

So every company that creates hints surrounding a game is wannabe Kojima's?

Every company hint's big titles to create hype and attention. Kojima is not the only person who does it.

Mini Mario3408d ago

Ghouls n ghosts..or strider. FOR SURE

N4g_null3407d ago

LOL man that is a lot of disagrees hopefully you guys will buy kojima's next games. Yes MGS sucks game play wise... Kojima already knows I feel this way LOL :p

I glad you guys like it though yet if he really wanted to make you proud he would make a snatcher game which I would love to play. Or better yet a zone of enders game I actually did like that game.

Sorry if I reacted too strong for some of you but I love capcom way more than konami period right now.

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DNAgent3408d ago

I know another hint. It will be mediocre. Here's another hint. It's going to be port.

Yeah, expect something like Super Ghouls N Ghosts on PS3 & 360.

Remember people, Crapcom ALWAYS has disappointing announcements. Like the Lost Planet announcement for PS3 as well as Lost Planet 2 being their next "big game".

knox3408d ago

i know what you mean but i hope it's something decent.

samura3408d ago

If the game is for the Wii, only. Count me out.

qface643408d ago

that's no hint that just confuses things even more

well it might be devil may cry for the wii that hasn't appeared on the wii yet

its the only thing that comes to mind at the moment

Smacktard3408d ago

Hmm... Megaman X? Megaman Legends? Devil May Cry Wii? ...Lost Planet Wii? Phoenix Wright PSP? Hmm, I dunno.

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The story is too old to be commented.